Who Is Afraid of Goodluck Jonathan? (2)

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Continuation ofwho’s petrified of Goodluck Jonathan? (1)” via Femi Aribisala

APC contributors have proven larger resolution in attacking the Nigerian govt than in attacking the Boko Haram.

On September 24, 2014, Atiku Abubakar of the APC declared on the Yar’Adua Centre in Abuja that he was once running to be president of Nigeria. The celebration was without incident. This was adopted on October 15, 2014 with the aid of Muhammadu Buhari of the APC who declared in Eagle’s sq., Abuja that he was once additionally working for president. again, the get together was without incident.

however on November 10, 2014, the day before Goodluck Jonathan declared that he was once operating for president at Eagle square in Abuja, the Boko Haram struck. 50 college students were killed and about 80 injured in a suicide bombing in Potiskum, Yobe State. This presentations in clear and unambiguous terms that the Boko Haram has no problem with both Atiku or Buhari working for president. however it’s in opposition to Goodluck Jonathan.

Brotherhood of insurgency

The “accident” between Boko Haram assaults and PDP situations and their lack of incidence at APC events has become a normal operational procedure. On September 26, 2014, Rabiu Kwankwaso, PDP governor of Kano State, and four different PDP governors, defected to the APC. Bombs did not explode on account of this. alternatively, on April 14, 2014, the day ahead of Ibrahim Skekarau, former governor of Kano State used to be welcomed via Jonathan to the PDP at a rally in Kano after defecting from the APC; over eighty people have been killed by means of the Boko Haram with a bomb planted on the Nyanya motor park close to Abuja.

it is incontestable that the Boko Haram script in opposition to the PDP aligns simply with the interests of the APC. certainly, instead of condemning the Boko Haram for killing harmless Nigerians, the APC seizes on these murderous incidents to assault the PDP for no longer cancelling the events each the Boko Haram and the APC are decided should now not hang.

to that end, Lai Mohammed, the national Publicity Secretary of the APC, accused the president of dancing “Azonto” on the party of Shekarau’s defection rally as a substitute of being concerned in regards to the killings. When the bombs went off the day prior to Jonathan’s announcement of his candidacy, Mohammed again declared as “totally insensitive and absolutely callous” the decision of the president not to cancel the scheduled experience; pronouncing the president used to be: “dancing on the graves of the students.” however as any right-considering particular person is aware of, cancelling the event would have been tantamount to succumbing to Boko Haram blackmail.

APC with ease exploits national calamities with a view to score low-cost political factors. This leads to the conclusion that it’s either complicit within the attacks or insensitive to them. The APC does not appear to believe it may win the approaching election against a sitting president and an entrenched PDP. due to this fact, its venture is that of an unscrupulous mischief-maker that might do the rest and use anything else to undermine the federal government of Nigeria.

who’s fearful of Goodluck Jonathan running for president in 2015? Two main protagonists have a consanguinity of pursuits: the Boko Haram and the APC.

Boko Haram apologists

There can be no query that the pursuits of the Boko Haram and those of the APC are in tandem; top observers like Femi Fani-Kayode to declare that because the IRA (Irish Republican military) was once the armed wing of the political Sinn Fein in Britain; so can the Boko Haram be described because the armed wing of the APC in Nigeria. As a confirmation of this, APC individuals have proven better resolution in attacking the Nigerian executive than in attacking the Boko Haram. however, now that they’re fishing for votes nationally, some of their outstanding Northern figures are now attacking the insurgents.

let us take, for example, the position of the presidential candidate they’ve ultimately chosen; three-time loser Muhammadu Buhari. For years Buhari, who frequently betrays inadvertently his authentic colours as a sectional and sectarian Northern champion, used to be an ardent apologist for the Boko Haram. In an interview with Kaduna’s Radio Liberty in November 2012, Buhari demanded that the Federal executive will have to cease the clampdown of Boko Haram insurgents, insisting they will have to accept different treatment like the Niger Delta militants.

These are Buhari’s phrases: “They (the Niger Delta militants) had been skilled in some abilities and were given employment, however the ones within the north had been being killed and their houses were being demolished. they’re completely different issues. What brought this? it is injustice.” that same yr, Buhari mentioned he does believe there’s a actual movement known as Boko Haram and claimed the federal govt of Nigeria was: “the most important Boko Haram.”

Wole Olaniyi was once a fly within the wall at a meeting in Kano executive house in 2013 designed to persuade rise up PDP governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, to decamp to the APC. Assuming that best Northerners had been existing, Buhari declared the Boko Haram was once a “strategic plan” by means of the government of Goodluck Jonathan to “wreck the North.” When Jonathan declared a state of emergency in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa states, Buhari got here out against it. Seeing the struggle with Northern goggles, Buhari claimed Goodluck Jonathan used to be the use of the insurgency as an excuse to wage warfare on the North.

try at volte face
it is vital to remind Nigerians of this position of Buhari as a result of now that he is shopping for Christian and Southern votes, he’s singing a different tune. he is now smooth-talking Nigerians; naming Christians sooner than Moslems in his speeches, and placing the South earlier than the North in them. but let us no longer put out of your mind that Buhari was so naturally identified as a chum of the Boko Haram that, in November 2012, Abu Mohammed Ibn Abdulaziz, the second-in-command to Boko Haram chief, Abubakar Shekau, in saying a readiness to barter a ceasefire with the Nigerian govt, named Buhari as one of the vital few “depended on” Nigerians it could be capable of negotiate with.

Buhari’s blatant sectarianism has not gone neglected. Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) was once so incensed by using Buhari’s safeguard of the Boko Haram insurgency that he asked that Buhari must be arrested. Oritsejafor mentioned: “it will handiest imply that the retired common is a fanatic. he is, therefore, the high leader of this non secular and blood-thirsty sect referred to as Boko Haram, a movement that’s in accordance with a warped interpretation of a strict adherence to drive people of alternative religions into Islam. this is the reason I name for the arrest of Buhari now. Buhari is a huge safety risk to Nigeria’s corporate existence.”

truly innovative Northerners additionally sought to distance themselves from Buhari’s sectarianism. Jibril Mamman Vatsa, spokesman of the Arewa Youths discussion board, said: “Buhari does not talk for all Northern leaders. His statements on Boko Haram exist as part of a continuum of Northern leaders’ responses to the problem, which have ranged from proposing communicate to condemning the FG’s solution to, if some allegations are to be believed, actively helping the movement. If the Boko Haram contributors are changing into more daring by way of the day, it is as a result of the reinforce given to them with the aid of some extremely placed individuals.”

Refurbished picture

alternatively, now that Buhari is gunning once more for the presidency and in quest of votes from a nationwide constituency, the need has now arisen for him to tamp down his professional Boko Haram rhetoric.
subsequently, in an about turn, he is now pretending to be a tremendous critic of the Boko Haram. He says: “These individuals, whose moves aren’t sanctioned by means of any religion and who subscribe to no recognized values, will not succeed. Our persons are resilient and robust, and our nation is capable, according to our rich human and subject material tools, of efficiently tackling these nihilists. we can together see the end of them and their reign of terror.”

Buhari’s new stance must no longer be believed. A chameleon can simplest trade its colour; it cannot trade its shape. Buhari would now like us to peer him because the Messiah who would deliver the Boko Haram insurgency, which he stated used to be a Southern ruse, underneath keep an eye on. to do this efficiently, Buhari wanted to be refurbished as an enemy of the Boko Haram. Into this new playbook got here the alleged attack on his existence by the insurgents.

APC supporters will have to forgive me for being completely cynical about this. The so-referred to as attack on Buhari’s lifestyles advantages no person but Buhari himself because it matches into his new script of seeking to distance himself from the Boko Haram. Buhari does now not most often go around in a bullet-proof automotive. but somewhat without problems, when he used to be attacked, he had borrowed one particularly on that celebration. His car was not bombed however sprayed with bullets. Some individuals died from the attendant bomb blast, but not a single one in every of Buhari’s aides died. in spite of everything, the Boko Haram never declared they had been those after Buhari.

APC blunder

quite than condemn Buhari’s attackers, the APC was once extra excited about the usage of the incident to absolve itself of complicity within the spate of terrorist attacks in Nigeria. Lai Mohammed issued a remark saying: “If indeed the APC is at the back of Boko Haram and normal Buhari is a sympathiser of the evil crew, as the Federal executive needs the world to believe, may it’s that the insurgents have no idea their leaders or sympathisers, assuming they are behind the attacks? no matter occurs now, the satanic and repulsive thought of the PDP-led Federal govt that the opposition APC is the use of Boko Haram to truncate the administration of Jonathan is up in flames.”

Lai Mohammed blundered with this statement. It simply leads to the conclusion that the entire point of the attack on Buhari used to be to launder the image of the APC and distance it from the Boko Haram. This was quickly identified with the aid of the PDP.

Olisa Metuh, the PDP nationwide publicity secretary stated: “we’re greatly surprised, disillusioned and disgusted that the APC leaders chose to use the unpleasant construction to embark on picture laundering. Nigerians now think of; they ask, was once the attack a setup aimed toward scoring some political points? Or could it be APC’s desperate process of seeking to disentangle itself from the internationally recounted link with terrorists and probably undermine the planned probe of their involvement by the UK?”’

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