Who Get Ear Vol. 96: Here are the songs you need to play this week

Posted on May 24 2020 - 10:05pm by admin

This week, we feature ABDUL, Wessside Kulture, BMAN, Jinmi Abduls and more. Our playlist is a mix of trap, Alternative Afro-pop and Afro-Folk. This has been the most exciting week of songs in a while. Shout-out to artists for their continued work in putting music out.

Pick of the week: BMAN – Ballistic

Moment of the week: BMAN – Ballistic

ABDUL – Be Happy

Built on an Afro-house track, ABDUL implores his listeners to throw their worries to the winds and be happy. Importantly, he thinks tomorrow will fix itself. ABDUL, in this COVID times, though? Okay o. But pass me the drink sha.

TF Clique and SoundChef – Balance

On an Alternative Afro-pop song, TF Clique is not as temporal as ABDUL. Instead of letting things play in favour of merry away, TF Clique are ready for heat.

Kobi Wolf featuring Caxey Rhodes – May 29

Build on a solid boom bap beat, Kobi Wolf and Caxey Rhodes engage in a tirade against the Nigerian corrupt elite and polity. As Wolf raps, he was in his feelings when he wrote this and its evident.

Jopy – She Don’t Know

This song is weird, but something about its combination of mumble rap with cloud rap on melodious trap is amazing. Jopy has talent and it’s exciting to see where he might go from here. The song is imperfect, but it’s worth your time.

Wessside Kulture featuring Michael Sliver, R. Chapo and K. Burn – Swerve

It’s rare to see a collective of about eight artists work together so effortlessly, but this one does. This is off their debut album, Wessside Alright Vol. 1.

Another psychedelic trap song, it seens Kobi Wolf with a second entry in one week – a rare feat on Who Get Ear. This song is not exactly out of this world, but as an ode to Lagos Mainland, it excels.

Arenye – Delilah

An alternative song, this sees aRENYE sing about a faceless woman with the soul of Delilah. Well, that’s not good.

BMAN – Ballistic

For our pick of the week, it comes off BMAN‘s album, Akinosho. With a soul of Afrobeat, BMAN gets socio-political with different scenarios that permeate the average Nigerian life.

Chase, Jinmi Abduls & TMXO – Aya

For this collaboration, Jinmi Abduls continues his impressive run and TMXO remains amazing.

Marv OTM and Malik Bawa featuring Lord Isaac – On The Rocks

On this one, Isaac and OTM attack a melodious beat with topics of sex and drugs. The key excellence is that amazing Malik Bawa-produced beat. You can check out the EP, Way Up North HERE

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