Whatever happened to…? Charley Uchea

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We take a look at where the 32-year-old is now…

Mandatory Credit: Photo by REX/Shutterstock (866276a) Charley Uchea Former Big Brother contestant Charley Uchea accepts libel damages over a claim that she carried out a sex scam at lap dancing clubs, High Court, London, Britain – 11 Mar 2009 Loudmouthed Big Brother 8 contestant Charley Uchea has accepted undisclosed libel damages over a claim that she carried out a dishonest sex scam at lap dancing clubs. The confrontational south-east Londoner brought proceedings against the Daily Star over a story titled “£500-a-night Charley”. Her lawyer Mark Thomson said Express Newspapers initially declined to apologise and withdraw the allegations, but it now accepted that they were completely untrue and had agreed to pay Ms Uchea damages and her legal costs. The newspaper’s solicitor, John Lisners, said that it apologised unreservedly and was pleased to set the record straight.

Charley Uchea – the self-confessed ‘It Girl’ from Lewisham first graced our screens on the eighth 
series of Big Brother in 2007, alongside Chanelle Hayes and Brian Belo. She quickly became one of the most controversial housemates. We take a look at where the 32-year-old is now…

Early life

Charley didn’t get off to an easy start in life. At 18-months-old, whilst on holiday in Italy, she fell from a four story staircase and almost died. Her mother Teresa recalled her daughter’s eyes rolling in her head. Miraculously she survived.

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Jail time
Charley’s father Stephen Uchea was sent to prison for armed robbery in 1987. Charley, who was only a toddler at the time, was thought to have been affected by his long absence.

Big Brother
She became one of the most hated housemates and fought with every person in the house. On day eight, Emily Parr was booted out for making a racial slur against Charley, but the drama didn’t end there. Charley branded Chanelle a ‘posh spice wannabe’ and twins Sam and Amanda ‘annoying, lazy robots.’

Life after the show
The outspoken star may have left the show to boos, but she claimed her life had been ‘massive’ ever since. She 
said she’d done lots of PAs, 
TV shows and was given a Mercedes Benz upon leaving.

Private dancer
She was a lapdancer at Peter Stringfellow’s club in London’s West End, but was wrongly named as part of a sex scam, which she was later cleared of. Charley received a £25,000 payout in damages after being falsely accused of scamming men for sex.

Wag world
She bragged about bedding Premier League footballers, using her footballer cousin Kieran Richardson as her passport to VIP parties. The fiercely private sportsman was said to have been mortified.

Change of career
These days Charley has a son, Franklin and has stepped out 
of the limelight. She opened a furniture shop three years ago that appears to have closed and is now opening a food shop, but hopes to return to TV soon.

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