‘We’ll decide OURSELVES’ Wetherspoons boss slams EU and says Brexit will only benefit UK

Posted on Dec 13 2017 - 8:55pm by admin

Tim Martin launched a stinging attack on the European Union and said British democracy will be stronger outside of the union.

Mr Martin, speaking at a hearing of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee said the EU suffered from “democratic shortfalls” and added British democracy would be stronger after Brexit. 

He told the committee: “If you look at the Electoral Reform Society and many others, there are many democratic shortfalls with the EU.

“That’s the main reason that most people felt they wanted to leave. People don’t accept that its democratic.”

Delivering his assessment of Britain both within and outside the bloc, he said: “The reason democracies work and have been successful wherever they are compared to other forms of government, is that there is a dialogue between the people – the voters – and the legislators.

“Once you break that chain and have people that haven’t been elected or are remote from the public making decisions, the level of regulation tends to be worse.

“If we start off with the regulations we have in the EU today, which we are adopting when we leave and look at things one by one to see if they can be improved, to me that’s a really sensible policy.”

He added: “Being outside the EU means you are not subject to their regulations but what you can do is decide yourself. The benefit is democracy.”

Mr Martin also called for a “sensible immigration policy” when asked about there being a possible labour shortage in the UK after Brexit as immigration controls were enforced.

He said: “It will be a sensible immigration policy as it will be controlled by MPs in this country.

“I don’t think there is the slightest danger whatsoever of running out of people – to run the bar on a Saturday night or whatever. I’m very confident we will be able to find people.”

Asked if a visa system could be introduced here, he said: “If it’s a sensible visa system, of course.

“I think most people feel there should be some sort of control.

“Countries like Australia and New Zealand have visa systems and they work very well. We can make it work here.”

Mr Martin’s comments come after he recently told Express.co.uk EU chefs such as Jean-Claude Juncker had no respect for the interests of the British people.

Mr Martin said: “Unfortunately it’s never going to be easy to negotiate with the EU because the people who represent them are not elected by the European public.

“It’s amazing to have to justify democracy in the 21st Century, but because they haven’t been elected they haven’t got the interests of the people of Europe at heart. They’ve got the interests of the central bureaucracy at heart.”

This is exactly why Britain had to split with the EU, he said: “There comes a time in every relationship when enough is enough.”

He added: “The loss of democracy in the EU is unacceptable. 

“I hope that France and Germany and the other countries also realise that, in time. I think it’s very dangerous to lose democracy.”

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