Weekly Recap: A recap of what happened this week in the lives of your favourite celebrities

Posted on Sep 16 2018 - 3:30pm by admin

This last week was indeed one of the most eventful weeks in the world of some of your favourite celebrities.

For celebrities like Davido and Teebillz, they made the headlines all week for both the good, the bad and ugly reasons. We got to see some celebrities call each other out too during the week while others revealed their personal struggles.

Ok guys, here are some of the biggest stories we covered during the week that got a lot of buzz all over the country.

1. Teebillz talks about Tiwa Savage and Wizkid’s relationship for 1st time





This was probably one of the biggest stories of the week as Teebillz for the first time spoke about the alleged relationship between Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. A lot of people didn’t see this coming as he went on to air his own mind about the alleged relationship. His comments were so controversial that he began to trend immediately on Twitter. Less than 24 hours after his famous post, Teebillz took down the post.

2. Beverly Osu replies troll over controversial photo

Beverly Osuplay

Beverly Osu



Now, this was one of the stories that sparked off a lot of conversations during the week. Beverly Osu posed for the latest edition of Taylor Live Magazine dressed as a nun while smoking, which didn’t go down well with a lot of people. She had to come out to defend herself from trolls who didn’t like the idea behind the photo shoot. According to her, there are more sensitive issues out there more important than her photo shoot.

3. Kelly Hansome says fake lifestyle is the reason celebrities are falling into depression

Kelly Hansome speaks on depression among celebritiesplay

Kelly Hansome speaks on depression among celebrities



Over the last few months, we’ve seen a number of celebrities come out to say they have suffered from depression. Well, Kelly Hansome feels most celebrities who are suffering from depression are facing the ailment because of their fake lifestyle.

“Depression among celebrities is a long-term effect of not being yourself: fake lifestyle,” he wrote. It didn’t end there, as he continued in his next post with more reasons why celebrities are getting depressed.

4. Daddy Showkey calls Lepacious Bose a “Mumu”

Daddy Showkey says advocacy and music are inbornplay

Daddy Showkey has said that contrary to some people’s opinion, he is not quitting music for advocacy.



It’s a normal thing when celebrities call each other out on social media but when it involves posting a video and actually using derogatory words then it becomes a serious issue. Well, guys, that was the case of Daddy Showkey and Lepacious Bose as the former took to his Instagram page to call the latter a “Mumu.” In case you don’t know where this whole issue started from, a few days earlier Lepacious Bose had made some comments online shading Nigerian women. However, Daddy Showkey has since taken down the post and apologised.

5. Davido cancels US tours because of NYSC



(Instagram/DavidoOfficial )


The biggest story during the was the news of Davido canceling his remaining tour in the United States to return to Nigeria for his NYSC. The singer’s team released a press statement on his Instagram page saying due to conflicting schedules and NYSC, the music star will be returning to the country. Davido is back in the country, however, but has been busy campaigning for his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke who is running for the seat of the governor of Osun state.

6. Toke Makinwa dragged on Instagram by N6

Toke Makinwa slaying in a pink dressplay

Toke Makinwa slaying in a pink dress



Another celebrity clash that went down during the week was the online fracas between two media personalities, N6, and Toke Makinwa. Toke Makinwa threw the first shoots at N6 a few days earlier when he called out AY the comedian for making some “unnecessary comments” on D’banj’s vacation photos. Well, it didn’t go down well with N6 as he dragged Toke Makinwa on Instagram shading her sudden skin colour change.

7. Daddy Freeze says he has been blacklisted, hasn’t MCed in 2 years

Daddy Freeze says he is the 'only genuine prophet' in Nigeriaplay

Daddy Freeze calls himself the ‘only genuine prophet’ in Nigeria



While two OAPs where slugging it out on social media, another OAP, Daddy Freeze was lamenting about the predicaments that had befallen him. According to Daddy Freeze, since he started going after certain men of God, they have used their influences to blacklist him, making it hard for him to get MC jobs. According to Daddy Freeze, he hasn’t MCed for the past two years.

8. Motunrayo says her net worth is 10 times more than that of Davido

Fela's daughter says she's 10 times richer than Davidoplay

Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti



Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti, one of the daughters of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, has bragged about being richer than Davido. The entertainment enthusiast and music promoter told Vanguard Nigeria that her net worth is 10 times higher than what Davido is parading as fortune.

“I’ve royalties I collect and my net worth is ten times more than Davido’s. If I begin to think of how long I’ve been making money or when I started making millions, Davido had not dreamt of making the money he’s spending now,” she said. She also went on to say that she is not a fan of Davdio’s music.

9. Davido’s account allegedly frozen by EFCC





Another big story that we covered during the week was that of Davido’s account allegedly frozen by the EFCC. The allegation was made by a Twitter account belonging to @PDP_2019 on Friday, September 14, 2018.

In the tweet, the account alleged that the EFCC froze seven different bank accounts belonging to members of the Adeleke family and which include Davido, his billionaire dad, Dr Deji Adeleke and the Osun state governorship aspirant under the Peoples Democratic Party, Ademola Adeleke.

Ok, guys, obviously Davido made the headlines last week and we hope this week he and other celebrities continue to trend for good reasons though. What is going to be the biggest story of this coming week? Davido proposing to Chioma? or Linda Ikeji finally giving birth? Let’s watch and see, until then, having a very fruitful and productive week devoid of trouble.

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