'We need a BIGGER BUS' Boris Johnson JOKES as he reveals EU contributions set to go UP

Posted on Mar 9 2018 - 7:31am by admin

The leader of the Leave campaign has been heavily criticised for his infamous claim on the side of a red bus that £350million a week given to EU in contributions could be spent on the NHS, with people claiming it was misleading as the EU also gives money back to the UK.

But speaking at the One Year to Brexit event, Mr Johnson said the actual gross figure of UK contributions to Brussels was soon going to be a whopping £438million a week.

The Foreign Secretary joked: “We’re going to need a bigger bus!”

Mr Johnson also said that former Prime Minister Sir John Major “misrepresented” the Leave campaign’s key referendum pledge.

Sir John described the £350million figure in a major Brexit speech at the end of February as a “ridiculous phantom”.

But the Foreign Secretary hit back, saying: “I won’t hear a word against him. I fought under his banner in 1997. I remember his final speech… and he gave this famous speech when he said ‘when your back is against the wall it is the time to turn around and fight’.

“We all said ‘well what have we got against the wall?’ Applying that kind of logic Sir John has ventured into this debate the other day I see and has said something about the £350m and again people have misrepresented what we said.

“We said it was the gross figure. There will be of course sums that continue to go to farming, the environment, all sorts of social programmes in this country that are currently funded by the EU.

“Of course that is right. But there will be additionally huge sums of money that come back every week that are currently being spent on, you know, Greek tobacco subsidies or whatever that will be available for the NHS amongst other things.”

Mr Johnson also claimed the referendum result was “extraordinary”.

Speaking at The Telegraph event, he said: “Considering you had every single major political party, the CBI… queuing up to tell the British people they would be making a mistake, I think it was heroic.”

He added that he “refused to accept that there was this bland series of choices” and the UK does not have to choose between the Canada-model, or Norway-model after Brexit, arguing in favour of free trade.

He said: “We said no, not at all. We think we can do something better.”

The former London Mayor suggested that he thinks the final Brexit deal will be “very similar” to what the UK has proposed in its negotiating position.

He said: “I think that in the end we will end up with a very similar outcome to the one that we are advocating and the reason for that as everybody knows is it is so profoundly in the interests of the rest of the European Union if we do that.”

The Foreign Secretary also praised Theresa May’s recent Mansion House speech and insisted she is committed to the Brexit cause.

He said she has succeeded in “uniting the Cabinet but also the Tory Party in Parliament to a greater degree than I have seen in decades”.

Mr Johnson stressed the need to sell the Government’s Brexit plan to the nation and to negotiators in Brussels.

He concluded: “We have a song to sing and it makes sense.

“Theresa is totally dedicated to getting this done and getting this done with style.”

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