'We fought WWII for FREEDOM' Young Brexiteer DEFENDS older generation on Question Time

Posted on Mar 23 2018 - 8:34pm by admin

The episode was a special in which the entire audience were under 30 and the question asked was: “Grandma is to blame for Brexit but since when did youth trump experience?”

A lot of the panel, such as the SNP Shadow Spokesman for Defence Stewart McDonald and journalist Paris Lees hit out against Brexit and said it was a mistake.

But the audience member said, boldly: “Well, first of all, I think that my question got derailed a bit by the panel itself.

“The question wasn’t about the technicalities of Brexit it was about the attitudes presented about both the older generation and the younger generation and how they view Brexit.

“Post-Brexit-vote you suddenly had this very vicious mood encircling that the older generation have destroyed our country when in fact this isn’t the case.”

She added that there is a sentiment, especially amongst young people, that old people shouldn’t be allowed the vote.

She continued: “When the truth of the matter is that in World War II we fought tooth and nail so that everyone could have freedom.

“Now the UK people exercised their right and the fact of the matter is that we voted to leave the EU.”

David Dimbleby asked: “So, Grandma was right?”

To which the audience member replied: “Indeed.”

Transgender journalist and activist Paris Lees said the polls showed younger people wanted to remain the EU and this saddened her.

She said: “Well I hear there is a lot of pro-Brexit feeling in the audience and I respect that, I mean my family voted Brexit from a working class town in Nottingham.

“It’s not what I wanted, I wanted us to remain and I think that the exit polls do show the majority of young people did want to stay in the European Union.

“I find it sad that we’re leaving. But I think ultimately this is the Tories’ mess, they wanted to have this referendum and this is to kind of settle an internal Tory Party struggle and I feel like ‘why should we be left to deal it’, really.

But David Dimbleby pressed: “Paris, what do you think to the youth/age experience, which is the question that was asked?”

Ms Lees replied: “Well there was a great headline the day after the referendum in Vice saying, ‘Grandma what have you done?’

“And I personally feel let down by baby-boomers actually. I think they are the most destructive generations ever.

“They came up at a time when it was free to go to University, they have enjoyed a better living standard they have ever enjoyed in human history, they had every possible advantage given to them and now people are getting poorer, life expectancy is going down and we’re not going to be as rich as our parents.

“The people who are running everything in their 40s and 50s, your Boris Johnsons, these Cambridge Analytica people just seem completely reckless, completely greedy, completely self-interested and I really question the motives of these older people pushing for Brexit for their own personal political gain.”

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