'We don't want a second referendum' Question Time audience FURIOUS at Labour and Lib Dems

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Audience member Chris Evans asked the panel whether a no deal with Europe would really be “such a big deal”.

Labour MP for Wigan, Lisa Nandy, said that a no deal Brexit would be a “catastrophe” for the UK.

She said: “It would be a catastrophe, it is a big issue it is the biggest issue that this country currently faces.

“The reality is if we end up coming out of the EU without a deal then we will see flights grounded, we will see lorries backed up at ports, we will see food prices rising and we will face the very real prospect of a hard border with Northern Ireland.

Brexit - LabourBBC

The audience were angry at the panel’s attitude to Brexit

“There is no question that no deal would be the worst possible deal of all. And increasingly the Cabinet is divided into two groups of people: The realists who understand this and the fantasists who think that no deal is a realistic prospect.

“There is no serious, credible Cabinet Minister who currently believes that no deal is an option and this week we had the prospect of the Brexit Secretary standing at the dispatch box of the House of Commons saying ‘no deal is a negotiating tactic’.”

Ms Nandy said that she believes that David Davis is “bluffing and that Brussels know that we are bluffing”.

She added: “It is time we stop messing around, grandstanding, bluffing and got serious about how we are going to get the best deal out of the EU so that we can move this country and this economy forward.”

A woman on the front row said that the Tories seem unable to manage their own party, so she has no faith in them delivering a good Brexit.

But one man was furious with the response from Labour and believed that their scepticism is a deliberate ploy for a second referendum.

He said: “The speaker on the front row just said she can’t trust the Conservative Party, I can’t trust Lisa and the Labour Party and the Lib Dems because all they want to do is to connive a situation to create a second referendum.

“What you’ve got to do is honour what the people already said, 1.4million people want to leave the EU, that’s what we’ve got to get on with and do.”

David Dimbleby asked the man whether he thought leaving the EU is straightforward, or a difficult task.

The man replied: “Of course it is difficult, it’s a complicated issue. But you can only negotiate with people they want to negotiate with.

“How long do we have to wait for the EU, how will we have to give Mr Juncker to start saying things that are reasonable?

“All I can see is unreasonable comments from the EU, they are not taking us seriously. If I was the PM I would give them a weeks notice and I would leave the following day.”

Brexit - audience memberBBC

The audience member said that the Government need to “honour” the referendum

Even supporters within the ranks of the Liberal Democrats were furious with the attitude of the panel.

Despite the Liberal Democrats pledging another referendum vote, one supporter made a plea with her own party not to hold a second referendum.

She said: “We’ve had our vote, we’ve had our referendum, I don’t think we should have another referendum.

“I think the Labour and the Liberal Party are pushing and some, dare I say, Conservatives are pushing for a second referendum.

“Let’s get on with it, let’s get behind. It’s a very difficult thing, probably one of the most difficult things we’ve asked the Government to do.

Brexit - WomanBBC

The Liberal Democrat supporter appealed to her party to get behind Brexit

“But it could be very exciting, I believe it could be very exciting for this country and I’m appealing to the Labour and the Liberal Democrat – actually I’m a Liberal Democrat at heart – I’m appealing to you do get behind the Government, to work together for the good of this country, not to keep bickering.”

Ms Nandy responded: “If we were trying to have a second referendum or somehow stop us from leaving the European Union then we would not have voted to trigger Article 50.

“I voted to trigger Article 50 despite that I campaigned for Remain. We lost the referendum and now our job, in my view is to get the best deal for this country.

“But I will not apologise for saying to people like Chris that still now after six months since triggering Article 50 with a clock ticking we should not be messing around saying ‘we’ve got this great negotiating position, no deal it’s not going to happen but don’t worry Brussels hasn’t worked it out’.

“It’s just not going good enough, we need to get serious.”

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