WATCH: Thornberry interrupts May during PMQs and is BRUTALLY shut down with dazzling reply

Posted on Jan 17 2018 - 8:47pm by admin

Theresa May was quizzed over the collapse of Carillon by the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. 

The Labour leader has described the collapse of one of the government’s biggest contractors as a “watershed moment” and tried to quiz Mrs May during Prime Minister’s Questions. 

The Prime Minister was interrupted by Emily Thornberry as she answered one of Mr Corbyn’s questions. 

Mr Corbyn asked: “The Government is supposed to protect public money through crown representatives who are supposed to monitor these powerful cooperations who get huge public contracts. 

“So why, and this is a question that the Prime Minister needs to answer. And the question is this, why did the position of crown representative to Carillon remain vacant during the crucial period of August to November when the profit warnings were being issued, the share price as in free-fall and many people were worried?” 

The Prime Minister began to answer before the shadow foreign secretary shouted out and interrupted her response. 

Ms Thornberry said: “Just answer the question.” 

The Prime Minister then delivered a brilliant quip to the Labour Party frontbencher. 

Mrs May said: “Can I say to the shadow foreign secretary that I will indeed answer the question, but I know that she herself has praised Carillon in the past for the work that they have done”. 

The Conservative benches erupted following the quick response by Mrs May. 

The Prime Minister continued: “Can I say to the right honourable gentleman, there is obviously now a crown representative who has been fully involved in the Government’s response. 

“Before the appointment of the crown representative to replace the one that had previously been in place, the Government chief commercial officer and the cabinet office director of markets and suppliers took over those responsibilities. 

“So it was not the case that there was nobody from the Government who was looking at these issues, that is a standard procedure.”

Construction giant Carillon collapsed into liquidation after last-ditch rescue talks over the weekend failed to resolve the company’s massive debt crisis.

Around 20,000 jobs are at risk after bosses at the stricken firm said they had “no choice but to take steps to enter into compulsory liquidation with immediate effect”. 

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