WATCH: Sturgeon’s demand Scottish Tories REBEL against Brexit is met by HOWLS during FMQs

Posted on Jan 19 2018 - 1:53am by admin

Mrs Sturgeon was met with howls by Conservative MSPs during FMQs as she tried to bait Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson over Brexit. 

“I think we’re still trying to locate a backbone amongst the group of Scottish Tory MPs.”

“We know from the committee report that was published that across this chamber MSPs of all parties think the withdrawal bill in its current form represents a power grab on this parliament. 

“Yet when there was an amendment launched by Labour in the House of Commons this week to help rectify that, instead of supporting that amendment the Scottish Tory group voted with the Government against the interests of Scotland. 

“In fact there’s not been one single occasion on the part of any of the Scottish Tory MPs, except with the exception of one measly abstention along the line there’s not been one single occasion where a single Scottish Tory MP has voted in the interest of Scotland against the Westminster government.”

Mrs Sturgeon was met with more jeers from Tory MSPs when she took another Brexit quip.

She said: “I can’t actually believe the Tories were groaning and moaning through a question about one of our most important industries.

“I think it speaks volumes.

“The whiskey industry, as Richard Lockhead has said, contributes hugely to Scottish exports and I think the concerns of the whiskey industry provide a case study in the self-destructive futility of leaving the single market. 

“But it’s not just whiskey that has those concerns. 

“The food sector resilience group chaired by the Scottish government brings together associations across the food and drinks supply chain as well as other public sector bodies. 

“That group is meeting as we speak on the impact of customs issues and possible disruptions at ports in England which could have a really damaging affect on all of Scotland’s exporters. 

“It’s exactly that kind of concern that drives our analysis that Brexit could hit our GDP to the tune of up to £2,300 for every person in Scotland.”

The SNP First Minster launched “Project McFear” on Monday with a report claiming that leaving the EU without a trade deal would cost Scotland £12.7 billion.

The study claims it would lead to an 8.5 per cent drop in GDP by 2030 – or £2,300 per person in Scotland per year – compared to retaining full European Union membership.

She continued: “I don’t want us to leave the EU at all but if the UK is intent on that then we must stay within the single market. 

Turning to Conservative MSPs, she said: “I remember the day not long after the EU referendum when Ruth Davidson stood in the chamber and challenged me to make sure we protected our place in the single market. 

“Now she just meekly does as she’s told while we continue to stand up for Scotland’s interests.”

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