Watch Kiki Mordi’s ‘Life at the Bay’ documentary

Posted on Mar 11 2020 - 4:31pm by admin

Months after the internet-breaking ‘Sex for Grades’ BBC Africa Eye documentary that pushed Kiki Mordi to limelight, the investigative Journalist and filmmaker has premiered her anticipated documentary ‘Life at the Bay’.

The 12- minute documentary directed by Nora Awolowo, strays from an idyllic perspective of the island, targeting the island’s principal workforce- women. It brings to light their economic realities as their families’ breadwinners as well as the government’s negligence.

Although Mordi announced ‘Life at the Bay’ with a fund raising charity event back in December 2019, the documentary’s release is right on time with Lagos State government’s recent demolition of shanties on the island.

Watch ‘Life at the Bay’:

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