Watch Alton Mason’s short film ‘Rise in Light’ shot in Lagos

Posted on May 23 2020 - 6:05am by admin

Shot in the Mainland area of Lagos back in 2019, ‘Rise in Light’ features the singer’s foray into the vibrant city which he believes has impacted his creativity.

Alton Mason [Vogue]
Alton Mason [Vogue]

Speaking on the short film, Mason revealed: “It was my first time in Africa, and the moment I landed I was stunned. Being an African American, there are so many different perceptions of Africa that are taught to us in school and through the media”. He continued, “The moment I landed and drove into the city of Lagos, all of those American perceptions, based on fear, were proven false. I was immediately captivated by nature, the land, the buildings, the water, and the spirit of the country, which made me free to create the song and video in this sacred place. I felt home.”

Proceeds from the poetic ode to Lagos will support the Khan foundation campaign to raise $ 10,000 for Covid-19 relief funds.

Watch the short film:

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