Wale: Rapper says American airline staff told him he didn't belong in 1st class

Posted on Sep 20 2018 - 5:40pm by admin

Wale shared his ugly experience in the hands of some staff of American Airline who told him he couldn’t fly first class.

The award-winning rapper made this known via his Instagram page on Monday, September 17, 2018, while replying an apology message from the airline after a delayed flight.

“How about ur employees Megumi and Don told me “ur not supposed to be in first class I’m calling the police,” he tweeted.


He had earlier tweeted about his delayed flight and how he was going to buy an airplane and live in it.

“My flight to la was at 5 pm… we still ain’t take off yet @AmericanAir. I love u guys.”


“I’m gonna buy a plane and live in it. I had my whole evening planned out in la. I had my movies picked out for the flight …DIS tewmuch,” he tweeted earlier.


Hmmm…one wonders how the staff of the said airline assumed and came up with the notion that Wale couldn’t fly first class. Was it his skin colour or was it the way he was dressed? No matter how one appears, shouldn’t determine if they can afford any luxury item or services. About a week ago, Wale was in the news for some not too good reasons.

“I can’t explain this pain” Wale breaks down on Instagram

Wale being sued by Upfront and Personal Globalplay

US rapper Wale



A few days ago, Wale broke down on Instagram saying he couldn’t explain the pains he was going through. The US-based rapper made this known via his Instagram and Twitter pages on Sunday, September 7th and 9th 2018 respectively. According to him, he is going through a lot and can’t even deal no more with people who just want to take photos with him and care less about his well being.

“The people i “vent” to just “damn man” me to death. I can’t go to the airport without getting faded cuz tbh I’m tired of taking photos with pple who don’t care about nothin but gettin a few extra likes for meeting a “famous” person every year that passes the lonelier it gets.

Wale breaks down on Instagramplay

Wale breaks down on Instagram



“I can’t explain this pain. Sometimes there is absolutely NOBODY to go to. NO matter how much they love you. You have no one. NO one is more alone than the person that’s the focal point,” he wrote.

It didn’t end there, Wale took to his Twitter page where he also tweeted about his feelings and trust us guys, he isn’t really in a good state of mind.

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