Vogue Williams SLAMS troll who is ‘freaked out’ by her pregnant boxing sessions

Posted on Jul 24 2018 - 10:08am by admin

Vogue Williams Vogue Williams has hit out at a troll that has slammed her for her pregnancy workouts [Instagram/Vogue Williams ]

Vogue Williams has managed to keep up her impressive fitness regime throughout her pregnancy. 

At seven months pregnant, she has been hit out at by a troll who has asked her to stop.

During an Instagram Q&A, Vogue uploaded a number of questions that she had been asked by her 316,000 followers.

Vogue has shared her boxing workouts on InstagramVogue has shared her boxing workouts on Instagram [Instagram/Vogue Williams]

While many of the question were based around advice on pregnancy and marriage, one of the model’s fans asked a less than flattering question.

“Can you stop boxing now ?it freaks me out when your so pregnant … sorry,” the troll asked.

Spencer Matthews’ wife slammed the internet bully with the perfect response: “NO! Your question freaks me out!”

Vogue Williams Vogue has regularly shown off her growing bump [Instagram/Vogue Williams]

She took to Instagram from her Spanish holidayShe opened up about her pregnancy “moustache” recently [Instagram/Vogue Williams]

The 32-year-old star recently confessed her love for the sport while pregnant, saying: “I’ve become obsessed with boxing!

“Such good exercise and it’s nice to learn a new discipline!,” she wrote alongside a video of herself training.

Vogue has also been forced to defend her workout wardrobe on Instagram after claiming she was told to stop showing off her belly.

Vogue defended her outfit choices while pregnantVogue defended her outfit choices while pregnant [Instagram/Vogue Williams]

“I always wondered how my wardrobe would change when pregnant,” she told her followers. “One thing I won’t change is crop tops while training.

“I find it comfortable and I don’t have a t shirt leaving half my bump out all the time. I’ve embraced the preggo tum, I love it in fact. I haven’t been told what to wear since the age of seven until just recently. 

“To those who have a problem seeing a bump on display, get in the sea! If I feel like I want to wear a Borat swimsuit I will, the crop tops are staying,” the DJ continued.

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