Victoriah Bech Reveals Her Relatable New Song ‘Lost’ Was Inspired By ’13 Reasons Why’

Posted on Feb 23 2018 - 2:11am by admin

Victoriah Bech’s new song ‘Lost’ will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt a little confused by which path to take. We have your exclusive first listen here!

I moved to Los Angeles at 18, giving up my entire life in Denmark where I grew up, for a dream no one really understood,” Victoria Bech tells us. “It was very challenging and very lonely. Many times, I found myself standing at a crossroads, not knowing whether ‘to go left where nothing is right or to the right where nothing is left.’ I think everybody can relate to not knowing or understanding what the next step is.” You can say that again! Listen to Victoria’s new song “Lost,” and check out the rest of our Q&A with her below.

What’s the meaning behind “Lost?”
I wrote “Lost” while watching “13 Reasons Why.” I sat with my laptop with one headphone in and the show on my TV. I was immediately able to relate to the show, since I was bullied all of my school years. I can also relate to the feeling of not knowing what to do and just wanting to throw in the towel and give up.

Can we expect a video?
Most definitely. The video concept is different from my other videos since there is no dancing in it, but this video has given me an opportunity to express myself in a new way.

Any other new tracks coming soon?
Yes! My first EP is just around the corner.

Can fans look forward to any live dates or a tour in 2018?
I’m currently planning and working on performing in the US. I’m super excited to be able to go out and connect with people!

Who do you want to collaborate with?
Producer-wise, it would be so awesome working with Max Martin. He’s basically the king of pop producing. If I should work with an artist, Drake — everything he touches turns gold.

Are you BFFs with Mø? Sorry, I had to ask.
I wish! Even though we are from the same small country, I’ve never had the chance to meet her. But I have a lot of respect for her because she comes from a country where dreaming big and doing big is not always that easy! So, hey girl, call me — I’ll buy you lunch!

If someone hasn’t heard you before, what songs should they listen to first?
“Lost,” “Machine Gun Love” and “Hands up.”

What’s something you’ve been passionate lately outside of your work?
Helping out kids, especially at Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. I spend all of my free time on those beautiful kids and their families. Besides running a preschool-type of thing and doing stuff with them at the shelter, I also try to take a group of the kids out every weekend. Last weekend, I took 4 of them out to dinner and to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On Christmas Eve, my mother and I had 15 of them at our house. We cooked them a Danish Christmas dinner and had presents for everybody.

There’s nothing that makes me feel better than when the kids call me and tell me they made it to the basketball team, or show me they did their homework, or got student of the month, or simply just seeing the joy in their eyes when I’m with them and getting a hug from them. I adore these kids.

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