Victor AD's 'Wetin We Gain' is the theme song for the average Nigerian youth

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A number of young artistes live their entire careers in search of that one song that will transport them from obscurity to popularity, While some stumble on it by chance, others come around through inspiration provided by the social conversations at the time.

Victor AD‘s ‘Wetin We Gain’ is easily one of the biggest songs in 2018, since its release in the middle of the year, the song has enjoyed rapid acceptance nationwide, a dream the singer said during his recent visit to the Pulse office, he at some point had almost given up hope of ever happening.

Prior to the song going viral, I had only ever come across his name on the song ‘Motivation’ by rapper, Erigga, where he delivered the hook. His feature was not exactly mind-blowing, but he did enough to make his name noteworthy in the mind of listeners.

Victor AD nearly killed by armed robbers on his way to concertplay Victor AD in the video for ‘Wetin We Gain’ (Youtube/VictorAD)


”The song is something out of the ordinary, it was more like a conversation between God and me,” he stated during the interview.

I composed the song in November 2017 at the edge of giving up, cos I thought my last song ‘No Idea’ was supposed to be my breakthrough song, but it did not work the way I planned, so I was basically talking to God from my heart on the song.

I thought it will be big only in the south like my other songs, but I never anticipated it to be this big in Lagos and even beyond,” he admitted.

That song is now grown into a mega hit across the nation making Victor AD a well-courted name for shows and major concerts both within and outside the country.

But what makes the song special?

play Victor AD signing a record deal with Entins Record (Legit9ja)


Different school of thoughts have alluded several meanings behind the message of the song, ‘Wetin We Gain’, many even pointing to the vain whispers of ‘quick wealth’ in the song, but few will deny the brilliance in how the catchy ‘call and response’ line deployed in the hook and the unambiguous weaving of his words is one that works wonders in his favour.

In a country where prayers are placed ahead of almost every other attribute required to be successful, any song that in anyway invokes favour or plea is already a winner, just like we witnessed with Korede Bello‘s ‘Godwin.’

The first verse of the song details the prayer of a man who has gotten to the very end as he sees all his efforts not working the way he had hoped.

”Oluwa magbegbe mi, I want all this money, I no wan take the same step wey I take last year wey no work for me oh”, he sings.

A number of Nigerians find themselves starting out chasing their dreams and a vision, but along the way, that vision somehow turns into an illusion and they consistently struggle to get out of it hence, if the average youth had a life theme playlist, then Victor AD’s ‘Wetin You Gain’ will feature high on the roll.

The raw emotions and the directness of his experience also help to highlight his path, transcending from mere musical expression, and giving life to the lyrics, as the title of the song has now become a viral catchphrase online.


There is also that feeling of strength in sensing that one is not going through a particular situation alone. Because it is usual for the man struggling to console himself that his life battles are not unique to his person, hence the idea that one’s problem is also the problem of others holds a potent means to quick acceptance.

But perhaps the most memorable lines of the song are found further below as he narrates the daily fear of the average Nigerian, especially those who find themselves acting as bread winners in their homes.

”Phone dey ring, na family dey call oh, if no be billing, na something dey sup oh, anyhow e be, omo money is involve oh, Oluwa bless me ’cause I no fit dull oh, so much pressure on a male figure.”

play Victor AD performing his hit single at a wedding reception (Legit9ja)

There is a lot of poverty, anguish and pressure in the country and the song finds a way to weave its way into cultural sentiments without passing any judgement.

The most striking feature of his lyrics lies in its honesty, simplicity and relativity and its ingenuity is how he finds nuance in the social situation of the listeners. Almost every Nigerian has been there, almost everyone has prayed a line from his lyrics at some point in our lives.

‘Wetin You Gain’ is a simple tale of life as it happens right before our eyes and in telling the story so vividly, Victor AD wields a powerful and yet emotionally appealing pen that elevates him to a glorious summit where his name, which was fairly unknown months ago is now regarded as one of the breakout artists of the year.

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