Varadkar admits 'most EU countries' DON'T want delay – Irish leader takes swipe at Boris

Posted on Sep 9 2019 - 6:41pm by admin

In his first face to face meeting with the Irish PM, Boris Johnson has said he wants to find a Brexit deal and believes it can be achieved saying the referendum result must be “honoured”. The Prime Minister said that negotiations have been going on for “far too long” and he wants to get Brexit done. The Irish prime minister made it clear that no backstop would mean no deal.

Mr Varadkar said there is no such thing as a clear break in the case of a no deal Brexit, but it will be about “moving onto a new phase”.

He said “most” EU leaders don’t want another Brexit delay. 

Speaking about getting a deal, Mr Johnson said that he believed with “sufficient energy and a spirit of compromise” he can fix this.

Mr Johnson claimed that he has an “abundance of proposals” to find a solution to the backstop.

He said that he understands the importance of the border and said the UK will never impose checks at the border. 

The Irish government has said that they would support another extension of the Brexit deadline, which is currently October 31.

Mr Varadkar has warned that the risk of a no deal Brexit is “significant and growing”. 

He said: “If there is a no deal, it would cause severe disruption for British and Irish people alike.”

The Irish PM said that the items on the agenda when they go back to the negotiating table will be citizen rights, financial settlements and the Irish border.

He said: “If there is a deal and I think it is possible, we will enter talks on a future relationship with the UK and the EU.”

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The Irish government has made it clear that the backstop, which would avoid an Irish hard border, is needed in any withdrawal agreement.

However, Mr Johnson has said he does not want any any backstop as he believed it to be “anti-democratic”. 

Mr Johnson has said he wants to talk to Mr Varadkar about the possibility of an all-Ireland food standards zone as a solution to replace the Brexit backstop. 

Mr Varadkar has said that a North-Only backstop would be discussed with Mr Johnson. 

The meeting comes after Amber Rudd resigned this weekend claiming that there was no evidence that Mr Johnson was trying to get any new Brexit deal with the EU. 

Speaking before the landmark meeting, Mr Varadkar said: “Prime Minister Johnson doesn’t have a majority, so I’ll be asking him how he can convince us – Ireland and the EU – how he is capable of getting a vote through.”  


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