US election 2020 polls latest: When is the next Presidential Election – who will WIN?

Posted on Mar 21 2019 - 8:01pm by admin

Democrats and Republicans will clash once again in the USA come next year, as the 2020 Presidential elections loom. The elections will follow last year’s Midterms, which flipped the House of Representatives to a Democrat majority. Donald Trump is hoping to quash the growing Democratic bulwark by keeping his place in office. There are a number of undetermined factors which make forecasting the results of the election extremely difficult.

When is the next Presidential election?

The next Presidential Election in 2020 won’t take place until the latter months of the year.

The official date for the election is November 3, exactly two years and three days after the 2018 Midterms.

Before then, there are a number of major decisions to be made before a real presidential race starts to take shape.

Who will win the 2020 elections?

At present, there are two absent factors needed to determine exactly who could win in 2020.

The first is a Democratic candidate and the second is reliable data.

There are a large number of senior Democrats hoping to take up opposition against Trump, and they are competing amongst each other.

Until we know exactly who will be running against Donald Trump, it is useless to predict a winner.

Instead, we can predict who might run against him out of the mosaic of Democratic candidates, and at the moment there are three favourites.

These are Elizabeth Warren – who has been a senator for Massachusetts since 2013, former Democratic candidate hopeful Bernie Sanders, and former Vice President Joe Biden.

All three have announced their bid to become the Democratic frontrunner – with the candidate being decided in the future during the Democratic primaries.

The second issue is data, as at the moment Donald Trump’s poll performance – which has revealed general public approval of his economic policy – would point towards a possible win.

However, the election is still one year and eight months away, and it is impossible to determine whether the economy will hold into next year.

There is also the looming outcome of the Mueller report, which is now likely to be revealed on April 1 after Robert Mueller’s office asked for an extension.

This could ultimately throw a huge spanner in the works for Donald Trump and ultimately shows the political climate in the US is too volatile to conclude a winner with any certainty.

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