Urinary incontinence warning: Ignoring leaks could lead to THESE surprising skin problems

Posted on Nov 11 2017 - 1:32am by admin

Urinary incontinence is a common problem where urine can leak from the bladder for a number of reasons.

It affects both men and women, but the latter are five times more likely to suffer.

Sufferers can often feel embarrassed, but Nadia Sawalha, the TV presenter and actress, has spoken out about her own experiences to encourage women to not let the condition force them to give up an active lifestyle.

“Incontinence affects so many women, and it’s so important we discuss – it shouldn’t be a taboo subject,” she said to Express.co.uk.

Nadia, who is an ambassador for Depend, first experienced urinary incontinence after the birth of her teenage daughters.

She slowly found herself giving up exercise, fearing that she would leak in the middle of working out.

“I can completely relate to women who feel they have stopped living an active lifestyle,” she explained.

“Before I began suffering, I used to run a lot, and even completed two marathons.

“But after I started experiencing incontinence, and had a particularly bad experience with bladder leakage during my second marathon, without realising I slowly stopped running.”

However, she has discovered that urinary incontinence need not mean she is less active than before.

“I started doing pilates, pelvic floor exercises and rebounding – a workout involving a trampoline,” she said.

“I’ve regained my confidence and found myself putting on my running shoes again.

“I would suggest building yourself up slowly.

“At first I would put on my Depend Active-Fit underwear to keep me protected, and just run to the end of my street.”

As well as ensuring it doesn’t affect your ability to stay active, learning how to treat or manage urinary incontinence is important since ignoring it could lead to complications.

Chronic urinary incontinence could lead to skin problems, such as rashes, infections and sores, from constantly wet skin, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Additionally, sufferers could risk a urinary tract infection.

According to the Mayo Clinic it tends to affect people as they get older, but it is not inevitable.

Risk factors include smoking and being overweight.

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