Unelected peers undermining democracy by opposing EU withdrawal bill

Posted on Jan 31 2018 - 3:39pm by admin

Fears were raised about the intentions of the Remainer-dominated Upper House as members debated the second reading of the Bill. 

With 190 peers listed to speak, only a handful supported Brexit, while senior Labour peer Lord Foulkes revealed plans to ignore the will of the people in the historic EU referendum vote. 

He said: “I make no apology for restating what I have said before that I Lord Adonis is a leading Remainer do not accept in a parliamentary democracy that an advisory referendum is binding.” 

The peer also said that he intended to propose amendments to the Bill that would allow SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Parliament to veto Brexit. 

A group of pro-EU peers made it clear that they will push for a second referendum. 

Labour peer Lord Adonis made it clear that he believes Brexit needs to be stopped and last night tabled an amendment regretting that the Government has not agreed to a second referendum.

He said: “The interests of the public as a whole do not lie in making Britain poorer. They do not lie in undermining the Good Friday Agreement. They do not lie in diminishing trade and our people’s right to live and work across Europe.” 

Former European commissioner Lord Mandelson said: “A referendum on a new question about the future relationship may become unavoidable – although this is not something on which we should be voting at this stage.” 

But in an eloquent speech, Tory peer Viscount Ridley said: “Trying to wreck the Bill under the pretence of amending it is not acceptable.” 

He described the Lords as “a gilded, crimson echo chamber of Remain” and warned that wrecking the Bill “won’t stop Brexit but it might hurt Britain”. 

He said that the reaction of the public would be “severe”. 

He added: “The public will say, ‘How dare that unelected panoply of panjandrums and pampered popinjays think they know better.’ I look around this chamber…I see people pretending to worry about democracy while trying to undermine it, pretending to want the best for the country while talking down Britain.” 

Lord Hamilton of Epsom told peers he would join protesters on the streets if Brexit was blocked. 

Earlier Ukip peer Lord Pearson said: “I support most of this Bill but worry that it may never be used if those who want to reverse the decision of our referendum succeed. 

“I fear that they may do so if the Government does not radically change its negotiating strategy.” 

The debate continues today.

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