Ultimate Love: Jerry and Meriton check out of the reality TV show as Love Guests put each other up for nomination

Posted on Mar 10 2020 - 4:09am by admin

The couple was evicted from the reality TV show on Sunday, March 8, 2020, after spending three weeks in the house.

After their eviction, they were invited to the live show where Dakore Akande and Oluwaseun were on hand to receive them.

Dakore asked the couple what the future was going to be like for them after their journey in the Love Pad came to an end.

According to Jerry, they won’t be rushing things as they plan to get to know each other first ad friends. Meriton reiterated what Jerry said, insisting that they wanted to take time out to know each other better.

Just before they left, Dakore and Seun introduced them to the ritual where they have to play a fun game.

The couple was asked to pick from either the box the left the Love Pad with or the two other boxes presented by the butlers.

After the 10 seconds mark, Jeriton picked the portmanteau they left the Pad with. The box contained six hundred thousand naira and other gifts including wrappers.

The nominations

The nominations took place immediately after Jerry and Meriton left the stage. Dakore revealed on the live show how the Love Guests voted.

Chivia nominated Bolar and Roksie, Double Chris went for Jelo and Bolar while ObiEbi nominated Bolar and Double Chris.

It didn’t end there as IykeResa nominated Bolar and Roksie, Jelo nominated JayKech and Roksie while Roksie on their part nominated PreshDavid and Jelo.

JayKech nominated Chivia and Bolar, Bolar who had the highest nominations nominated Chivia and PreshDavid and finally, PreshDavid sent Bolar and Roksie to the nominations table.

The couples up for possible check out are Bolar, Chivia, Roksie, Jelo, and PreshDavid. However, Aunty selected Jelo and PreshDavid who will then compete in Monday’s Mission and Aunty will save one couple.

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