UK’s response to virus is ‘decisive’ and better than rest of Europe – poll results

Posted on Mar 21 2020 - 12:55pm by admin

European countries including Italy, France and Spain have all implemented lockdowns in varying ways to try to stop the virus in its tracks. Meanwhile, in the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he is confident the country can “send the virus packing” within the next 12 weeks. Mr Johnson, yesterday evening, announced the closure of all pubs, bars, restaurants, gyms and leisure centres to limit person-to-person contact.

But his actions have been intensely scrutinised, and have split opinion.

However, a new poll has revealed many are confident Mr Johnson and his Government are taking appropriate action when compared to their European counterparts.

The poll asked ‘Who has introduced the best measures to combat the spread of coronavirus?’

Out of the 3,921 people who took the poll, an overwhelming majority stated Britain had done the best job.

65 percent (2,518) of people believed the Johnson Government had taken the best steps to tackle the virus.

This was compared to the eight percent (342) who voted for France, and the eight percent (327) who voted for Italy.

Spain was thought to be the least capable out of the group, with only three percent (148) respondents believing it had introduced the best measures.

Another wrote: “Boris and his cabinet, his ministers, are the most decisive government we have had for a long time.

“Say what you will, he doesn’t showboat, he takes advice from experts.

“If it wasn’t for the virus, he would be getting on with Brexit. Unfortunately that die is cast, and he will get back to business in due course.”

But some believed all Governments had fallen short of an acceptable performance in tackling the virus.

One reader wrote: “To be honest, all government around the world could have done better and quarantined China the second this virus was known about.

“There should have been no movement of goods or people in or out of China from the start of this outbreak.”

And another said: “The truth is that no country has done enough, but they have all done their best as they see it.”

However, another reader was less than impressed by the Government’s pandemic response, hitting out at the Prime Minister for his actions.

They wrote: “He [Boris] has done a terrible job.

“It was a huge mistake to keep allowing in planes from virus hotspots without proper isolation measures for all passengers.

“That was followed by the unmitigated disaster of attempting to delay shutdown measures to gain ‘herd immunity’.

“Nothing was done until too late – you cannot contain the exponential growth of covid-19 with reactive measures.

“This could have been so different. A lot of people will end up dying who could have been saved.”

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