UK-US trade talk news: Liz Truss makes update after 200 negotiators complete first stage

Posted on May 19 2020 - 3:59am by admin

Today the Government published an update on UK-US trade talks, with Trade Secretary Liz Truss branding the recent negotiations a success. The talks took place earlier this month, between May 5-15, and involved 200 negotiators discussing the terms of a free trade agreement (FTA).

Writing on Twitter, Ms Truss said: “Today we are publishing the outcomes of the First Round of negotiations for the UK US FTA Flag of United Kingdom which were positive and constructive.”

She also shared a link to a Government press release detailing the progress made between the two sides.

The document, written by the Tory MP and Department for International Trade, highlights why it is so important a FTA is reached between the UK and the US.

It states: “An FTA with the US can help create opportunities for UK businesses, provide better jobs and boost the economy in every part of the country.”

The document also reveals the two states carried out extensive discussions encompassing nearly 30 different areas.

For example, the negotiators discussed: telecoms, financial services, market access for goods and the environment.

Reflect on the talks, Ms Truss said: “The meetings were positive and constructive, reflecting the mutual commitment to secure an ambitious agreement that significantly boosts trade and investment between our economies, the first and fifth largest in the world.

“Both sides recognised the unprecedented circumstances in which these negotiations took place, with significant emphasis placed on supporting the post-Covid economic recovery.”

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