UK election polls latest: Would Theresa May WIN if SNAP election was called tomorrow?

Posted on Mar 26 2019 - 11:38pm by admin

Prime Minister Theresa May is in the middle of another bruising week after suffering yet another humiliating Commons defeat on Monday. MPs last night backed a series of “indicative votes” on Brexit by 329 votes to 302. The votes will enable them to indicate which alternatives they would support instead of Mrs May’s EU Withdrawal Deal. Earlier, the Prime Minister announced she will address the Conservative backbench 1922 Committee tomorrow as she fights for her survival.

There is no certainty over what will happen in the meeting just yet.

However, there is speculation it could result in either the resignation of Mrs May or a decision to call a snap general election.

Mrs May could be forced to call an election if politicians are intent on supporting a softer Brexit in opposition to her deal.

Would Theresa May win if a snap election is called tomorrow?

Should Theresa May call a general election tomorrow then she might just scrape a win, based on the most recent polling data available.

The Conservative had a one-point lead over Labour in the latest poll on March 22 based on 2,002 people surveyed, but this was their smallest margin by far this year.

Labour has trailed the Tories in 20 out of 21 polls conducted since February 1 but they have been creeping up on their opponent’s lead.

The Tories had a 10-point lead in a Kantar Public conducted poll on March 11 but this dropped to a four-point lead in a YouGov/the Times poll taken four days later.

The March 22 Opinium/The Observer poll found 36 percent of people would vote Conservative in the 2022 General Election in comparison with 35 percent for Labour.

What do the bookies say?

Betfair is offering odds of 6/1 that Theresa May to be PM in the event of another general election.

But a snap election may cause alarm among many voters while Brexit remains in chaos.

The popularity of both Mrs May and Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn also remain low in recent polling.

Can Theresa May call an election?

The Prime Minister cannot call an election without winning the support of a two-thirds majority in Parliament.

The only other possibility would be if the Government loses a vote of no confidence and an alternative body fails to be appointed within 14 days.

Either way, a general election would take several weeks to run so any result would not be in the near future, affecting the Brexit timetable.

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