'Turbocharged future' Liz Truss HAILS Brexit as opportunity to unleash UK economy

Posted on Jun 28 2018 - 1:19am by admin

Ms Truss, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, criticised the “pettifogging bureaucracy”, “officialdom” and “over-regulated occupations” which are hampering the UK’s ingenuity within the workplace.

The Chief Treasury Secretary noted that the potential for innovation lies within Brexit.

Writing in The Telegraph, she said: “If we get this right, we can set Britain on course for a turbocharged future”

“Britain has a unique opportunity to take control of its future.

“After rebuilding from the ruins of Labour’s financial crisis, we’ve turned the economy around, reaching the point where debt will soon start to fall.

“We have record jobs, we’re building the homes Britain needs, raising living standards and boosting the NHS.”

Pointing to the economic opportunities that Brexit offers, Ms Truss added: “After Brexit, we will be free to determine our economic future, with control over our money, laws and borders.”

Speaking at an event at the London School of Economics on Tuesday night, she will lay out how the UK is working towards becoming “Europe’s start-up nation”.

Describing herself as the “disruptor in chief”, she said the Treasury aims to “challenge those who aim to block change, stop development and restrict success”.

This involves ripping up “suffocating professional regulations that create glass ceilings” following Brexit, and allowing for increased social mobility within careers where not only the “socially advantaged” can get ahead.

She argued the Government should be focused on de-regulation in order to stimulate growth rather than erecting new barriers.

In a seeming attack on Environment Secretary Michael Gove, she added: “Instead of talking about banning things like wood-burning stoves, we need to appeal to young people are enjoying unprecedented freedom – and want even more.

“We have a great opportunity to drive growth.

“We can do this by embracing the sort of disruption that makes firms more competitive and delivers better public services.”

The Conservative lawmaker outlined her plans to launch a cross-Government review of over-regulated businesses and professions, which are restricting people’s chances of getting ahead.

She also called on the Government to rip up damaging bureaucracy and officialdom which are derailing new ideas and a “can-do attitude” from coming to fruition.

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