Trouble in paradise? As IK Ogbonna's wife drops his surname on Instagram

Posted on Oct 15 2018 - 1:57pm by admin

Calm down guys, it’s too early to say but do you think there is trouble in paradise following IK Ogbonna’s wife’s decision to drop his name on Instagram.

Sonia Ogbonna has reverted to her maiden name Sonia Lareinaa on her Instagram page which has got everyone talking. If you check the Instagram pages of this couple, you’d realise that they haven’t been sharing photos of themselves together lately.

It is not clear if these guys have gone their separate ways but one thing is for sure which is we will keep you post s this gist unfolds. Pulse tried to reach out to IK Ogbonna for a response to no avail. Recall that a few months ago, an Instagram troll had started off the rumour the marriage between IK Ogbonna and Sonia Ogbonna had crashed.

IK Ogbonna,Sonia Moralesplay

IK Ogbonna,Sonia Morales



However, IK Ogbonna wasn’t having any of it has he dragged the troll on Instagram for insinuating that his marriage was over. Well, maybe the troll was one step ahead of all of us.

Sonia Morales shares this racy photo of herself and IK Ogbonna to celebrate his birthdayplay

Sonia Morales shares this racy photo of herself and IK Ogbonna to celebrate his birthday


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IK Ogbonna drags nosy Instagram troll who thinks his marriage has crashed

IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia

IK Ogbonna and his wife, Sonia Morales.



A nosy troll who thinks IK Ogbonna’s marriage might have crashed didn’t get what he bargained for as he was dragged by the actor on his Instagram page. The gist is that IK Ogbonna’s wife had taken to her Instagram page on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, where she posted a cute photo of their son and herself. She went on to caption the photo with a quote,

“Welcome to the good life baby   #WhenYoMamaIsYourG #NewDayNewAdventure #Mediterranean #boatCruising.” A nosy follower then took to her comment section where he perceived that there might be cracks in their marriage.

Between a troll and IK Ogbonnaplay

Between a troll and IK Ogbonna



“Oh…guess you and his dad are no longer together and the kid is gonna go stay with u?” he wrote. As usual, IK Ogbonna came to his wife’s rescue as he didn’t have nice words to say to the intruding follower.

Between IK Ogbonna and a trollplay

Between IK Ogbonna and a troll



“@lexo_bronxy Are you guessing or are u wishing? My bro go and worry about 2019 elections and how you will eat tmrw,” he replied. This isn’t the first time IK Ogbonna will be coming for disrespectful of nosy followers who try to attack his family on social media.

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