Travis Scott deletes Instagram page to prove loyalty for bae, Kylie Jenner

Posted on Mar 6 2019 - 12:43pm by admin

If you are trying to visit Travis Scott’s Instagram you might want to put a hold on that as the music star has deleted the just to prove his loyalty to his wife, Kylie Jenner.

According to TMZ, sources close to the couple say trouble started when Kylie found some ‘too friendly’ messages exchanged between Travis and some women via his DM. This according to her were enough pieces of evidence to nail him for cheating.

To save his face, Travis Scott had to delete the account which according to sources is the main reason Kylie hasn’t pulled the plug off their relationship. For fans who might be in shock over his decision to delete the Instagram, not to worry because there are indications that his team has everything figured out as the page will be reactivated the moment the tension in his relationship dies down.

Kylie Jenner with boyfriend, Travis Scott who she has reportedly accused of cheating [Instagram/KylieJenner]

Travis Scott is said to be trying desperately hard to keep his relationship with Kylie Jenner and their daughter, Stormi that he had to give her a shout out during his concert. However, Kylie is said to be still hurt and has been spending time away from him trying to figure things out.

Kylie Jenner with boyfriend, Travis Scott who she has reportedly accused of cheating [Instagram/KylieJenner]

It would be recalled that a few weeks ago, the news broke that Kylie Jenner had accused Travis Scott of cheating on her. It was said she had more than enough to prove his infidelity.

Another Kardashian drama as Kylie Jenner accuses Travis Scott of cheating

Travis Scott is trying to make amends with bae, Kylie Jenner by deleting his Instagram page which got him into trouble in the first place [Instagram/TravisScvtt]

The Kardashians are in the news again and this time around Kylie Jenner is accusing her bae and baby daddy, Travis Scott of cheating. According to TMZ, Travis who is supposed to be on tour postponed it because of illness.

However, the gist is that he isn’t really ill rather he is trying to clear his name from the cheating allegations leveled against him by Kylie.

Kylie Jenner and her former best friend, Jordyn Woods who is being accused of hooking up with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson

Reports say Travis Scott planned a surprise visit to his baby mama, Kylie, and their daughter but then degenerated into a fight after Kylie had revealed pieces of evidence of him cheating. This is coming a few weeks after Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods was accused of having a thing with Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson

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