Tory Remainers plot to bring ‘flabby’ EU Rights Charter into UK law and ‘torpedo Brexit’

Posted on Nov 20 2017 - 5:43am by admin

A group of pro-EU MPs are planning to lock the UK into the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights by adding it to British law.

The European Research Group head Suella Fernandes and former constitution minister John Penrose hit out at the MPs trying to add the EU charter to UK law.

In an article written for The Telegraph they said: “If you want to torpedo Brexit, you want the vote to be ‘please choose between this deal or staying in the EU after all’.”

“And that means being able to delay our leaving date, potentially indefinitely, while they send negotiators back to Brussels in an endless, fruitless and increasingly slow-paced search for better deal terms until everyone just gives up and we never leave at all.”

Dominic Grieve, who leads a group of pro-EU rebels, has proposed an amendment that would make the rights charter apply to the UK after Brexit.

Mr Grieve is understood to be willing to climb down on the amendment if ministers consider adding similar rules for children’s rights and equalities to law.

MPs will debate the proposal on Tuesday along with a series of other amendments.

Pro-Brexit MPs have blasted the charter as “vaguely worded provisions, including a right to respect for physical and mental integrity, the right to pursue an occupation and a guarantee of a ‘high level of environmental protection’”.

The UK is technically in possession of an opt-out for the rights rules but Michael Gove claimed it was in reality “nothing of the kind” during the historic referendum campaign as EU judges constantly ignore it.

The Tory party promised to ditch the bill in their 2017 manifesto.

In their article, Mr Fernandes and Mr Penrose praised Britain’s work in founding the European Convention of Human Rights after the horrors of the World War Two, but branded the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights “flabbier”.

They said: “The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is much flabbier, covering everything from biomedicine and eugenics to personal data and collective bargaining.

“One of the main reasons for leaving the EU was to take back control of our own laws, so we don’t have to do what Brussels tells us if we think it’s wrong.”

The claims came as a Tory MP rubbished fears of “crashing out” of the European Union without a Brexit deal, claiming no agreement between both parties would actually be good for the UK.

John Baron said warnings of “disaster and despair” if Britain leaves the bloc with no deal would prove unnecessarily dramatic.

Mr Baron, the MP for Basildon and Billericay, said the UK should not accept just any Brexit deal and should leave with no deal if a good deal is not put forward.

He said: “As the Prime Minister rightly insists, no deal is better than a bad deal, and it is good news that the Government is doing the necessary preparatory work for a ‘no deal’ scenario.”

Writing for Politeia, he slammed Project Fear-style claims that a no deal Brexit would cripple Britain, saying: “These grim warnings invariably stem from those who forecast a deep recession and mass unemployment even if we voted to leave the EU.”

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