Tory MP brands Theresa May’s Brexit deal ‘even worse than we were led to expect’

Posted on Nov 18 2018 - 8:49am by admin

In a scathing attack on Mrs May, the politician said Mrs May “does not appear to believe in Brexit” and urged his fellow Brexiteers to be “unafraid” of post-Brexit Britain. He said: “There is no doubting the PM’s courage, stamina and sense of duty. “However, sadly, she does not appear to believe in Brexit.” He also hinted to the Daily Telegraph the Prime Minister may be ousted as a result of a leadership battle after she pushed her controversial draft withdrawal agreement through her Cabinet, which would shackle Britain to the EU’s single market and customs union.

He said: “There is still time for her to change tack. If not, we need a leader who will.”

Mr Tomlinson also made reference to the negative connotations that come with the commonly used term “no-deal” when speaking of a hard Brexit that would see Britain walk away from the EU entirely.

He called for Britain to scrap the term and adopt his own personal phrase – a “Clean Global Brexit” instead.

He said: “In any event, how terrible the phrase “no deal”; from here on in we should call it “a Clean Global Brexit.”

The MP for North Poole and mid Dorset also spoke of an event when Mrs May was unable to confirm whether the Northern Ireland border would come into play or not.

He said: “In the Commons, the PM did not shy away from hard facts.

“It was pointed out that the protocol gives the UK a choice either to implement the backstop or to seek an extension of the transition period. She confirmed that it would be a matter for negotiation with the EU.

He added: “That is not good enough.”

A recent poll in the aftermath of calls for a change in leadership revealed more Britons would prefer Mrs May to stay on as Prime Minister than see Boris Johnson take her place.

Bookies initially put Brexiteer Mr Johnson as a frontrunner to replace Mrs May if she is ousted over her draft Brexit deal.

But a new survey reveals 46 percent Britons would prefer to see the current Prime Minister stay in her job than Boris Johnson take over at the helm. Polling firm Survation asked 1,070 adults which of the two they would prefer as leader.

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