Tory leadership race timetable: IT’S ON – what next as race OFFICIALLY begins?

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Theresa May’s resignation came into effect on Friday, June 7. While she is no longer head of the Conservative Party, she will remain as interim Prime Minister until a new one is elected. There are already 11 names in the hat to take her job, a crowded race which has seen the rules changed to speed the process up. Below is a full timetable for the coming weeks and the dates you need to watch.




Theresa May officially resigns as Tory leader in a private exchange of letters with Charles Walker and Dame Cheryl Gillan, the joint acting chairmen of the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs.

At 5pm BST, there will be an official call for candidates (although we already know at least 11 of them who will respond).

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Nominations for the candidates will open at 10am and close at 5pm.

Each candidate needs at least eight nominations from fellow MPs to move forward into the race (this is a change due to the volume of candidates. Previously, candidates only needed two nominations).

The full list of final candidates will be announced by the 1922 Committee at 5.30pm.

JUNE 11 and 12

Candidates will take part in the first husting event. It’ll be for Conservative MPs only.

No media will be allowed in the room.


The first ballot of Tory MPs will take place in Committee Room 14 in Parliament.

Each MP must cast a vote, by proxy if they can’t be there in person.

1922 Committee’s co-chairmen, Dame Cheryl Gillan and Charles Walker, will announce the results once they’ve been counted.

Candidates need to win five percent of the vote (a total of 17 MPs) to move on to the next round – if they don’t, they’ll be eliminated from the race.


Candidates will take part in a second private hustings event organised by the 1922 Committee.

JUNE 18 to 20

A second ballot of Tory MPs will take place.

This time, candidates need 10 percent of the vote (a total of 33 MPs) to stay in the race.

These votes will continue, with the candidate with the lowest number of votes eliminated until only two candidates remain.

June 18 will also see BBC One airing a live debate of the remaining candidates. You can submit a question to the candidates HERE.




The final pair of candidates will begin their hustings events in front of all paid-up grassroots Conservative Party members.

As of March 2018, there were 124,000 members, all of whom will get the final vote between the two candidates.

Hustings are expected to begin in Birmingham, before moving on to all other regions of the country over the coming weeks.


Conservative Party members are expected to have been asked to submit their postal ballot of favoured candidate by 5pm.


The winning candidate, and new Prime Minister, could be announced on this date by the 1922 Committee.

This could also be the date Theresa May visits the Queen to resign as Prime Minister and hands over to her successor.


Parliamentary summer recess could begin around this date.

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