Tory leadership LIVE: Hunt reported to Parliament over possible 'rule breach' – shock blow

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Priti Patel reported Mr Hunt to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, according to Guido Fawkes. Ms Patel said the incident could be a “clear breach of Parliamentary rules” which specifically prohibit such stationary use for party political purposes. Ms Patel has also asked the Commissioner to clarify this. In her letter she, referring to Mr Hunt, added: “He clearly cannot be unaware that he was using House-provided stationary, overprinted with his leadership bid logo, which promotes his leadership campaign and organisation supporting his campaign.”

“This could be a clear breach of Parliamentary rules.”

The news comes as Mr Hunt attempted to call out allow contender Boris Johnson for the use of ‘Back Boris’ spam sent to Conservative Party members’ email addresses.

Mr Hunt said he got an email urging him to support the Brexiteer despite to signing up to his mailing list.

Mr Hunt called the blond politician out on Twitter.


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Tory leadership live: The final stage of the contest is underway (Image: NC )

5.10pm update: Boris Johnson claimed the EU ‘betrays’ Commonwealth country

Boris Johnson has claimed the EU “betrays” Commonwealth country New Zealand by making goods in the single market unfairly cheaper.

Brexiteer Mr Johnson is the favourite to win the Tory leadership election and is likely therefore to be the next UK Prime Minister. His Eurosceptic credentials date back decades and has previously made it clear he did not like the EU dictating what and when Britons should eat. He added that the Single Market subsidises olive oil and therefore “betrays” New Zealand and its butter.

According to Politico, he said in 2013: “First they make us pay in taxes for Greek olive groves, many of which probably don’t exist.

“Then they sat we can’t dip our bread in olive oil in restaurants.

“We didn’t join the Common Market – betraying the New Zealanders and their butter – in order to be told when, where and how we must eat the olive oil we have been forced to subsidise.”

Mr Johnson’s comments touch on what has been central to the Brexit debate – whether the UK should be in control of its own trade agreements.

4.55pm update: Brexiteer activist warns of looming ‘crisis’ if new Tory leader fails

Paul Embery warned the next British Government could face a “real crisis of democracy” unless the new Prime Minister makes sure to deliver on Brexit.

Negotiations officially concluded after Theresa May agreed to the controversial withdrawal agreement which led to her downfall.

With the European Union refusing to reopen talks and allow the British Government to change the terms MPs have refused to sign up to, Mr Embery warned the new Prime Minister could face a “real crisis of democracy” in the coming months.

Speaking to BBC Politics Live, the pro-Brexit activist said: “The problem is this – people voted to leave the European Union. They didn’t vote to leave only with a deal, the withdrawal agreement, that the EU was prepared to sign.

“It did not say, on the ballot paper, ‘remain or leave only with a deal,’ It said leave.

“The reality is, if we don’t leave – and we should’ve left on March 29 but we didn’t – my theory is if this thing goes on much longer we are going to see a real crisis in democracy.

“People would say, ‘we’ve had the biggest democratic exercise in the history of this country and you lot in Parliament have ignored it. What is the point of us voting again?’

“You would just have mass abstentionism and that would be a real, real problem for us.”

4.25pm update: Hunt says Cameron and Osborne’s austerity ‘went too far’

Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt said David Cameron and George Osborne’s austerity measures “went too far”.

He used police numbers and social care as examples.

3.10pm update: John Major backs Hunt for PM role

Conservative former prime minister Sir John Major has endorsed Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the Tory leadership contest.

Sir John took a swipe at front-runner Boris Johnson, saying he could not vote for someone who was “part of the Brexit campaign that misled the country”.

Instead he said he would offer his vote to Mr Hunt, adding: “I don’t think anyone would be in any doubt about that.”

Sir John told BBC HARDtalk: “I haven’t received any ballot papers yet … The ballot is private but I think it is fairly evident from my views that I cannot vote for someone who was part of the Brexit campaign that misled the country.

“So I shall offer my vote to Jeremy Hunt and I don’t think anyone would be in any doubt about that.”

The ex-PM, whose time in office was beset by divisions over Europe, has repeatedly waded into the Brexit debate and backed a second referendum.


The letter was reported to Parliament (Image: GUIDOFALKES)

2.45pm update: Next Tory leader TV debate revealed

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have now confirmed they will face off on the BBC and ITV channels.

The former and current Foreign Secretaries will feature on a televised debate with Andrew Marr show on July 12.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt addressed the North East this morning and are due to visit Scotland this evening as they campaign for the last day before ballot papers land on the doorsteps of 160,000 Conservative Party members.

1.56pm update: Tories ‘flip flop’ over leader 

Several Conservative voters leaving the latest round of leadership hustings on Friday have said they are still undecided on who to back.

Some said that they are “flip-flopping” between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, with several telling PA that, whilst the former provides charisma and election-winning potential, the latter appears to have more detailed policy ideas.

One Tory member, 22-year-old Dan Reid from Newcastle, said that he had already voted for Mr Johnson, but is now coming round to Mr Hunt.

As he left the Darlington Hippodrome, he said: “I’m ashamed to say I’ve already voted, which I don’t think that I should have done before today because I definitely like what Jeremy Hunt has got to say.

“The ballot papers are out now, and I had to vote sooner rather than later. Some people will be finding that they are voting before hearing them speak properly.

“I think the preconceived idea was that people would be voting for Boris instead of Jeremy Hunt, but if you do listen to them both then Hunt provides very sensible arguments – but he’s at a natural disadvantage of not being as charismatic.”

1.14pm update: Boris makes promise for North 

Boris Johnson has promised to “invest in northern infrastructure” as he shared images of himself in the Tees Valley on his Tory leadership campaign trail.

He tweeted: “In the Tees Valley today setting out my plan to leave the EU by October 31st, with or without a deal, so we can move on to unite our country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn. 

“As PM I’ll invest in northern infrastructure and back Mayor (Ben Houchen)’s plan for Free Ports.”

12.13pm update: Hunt admits he has let down Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Asked when was the last time he had let someone down, Mr Hunt said: “I feel I’m letting down Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe every single day that she remains in jail while I’m Foreign Secretary.”

Mr Hunt said: “She has a daughter the same age as my daughter and that is something that is a very big deal.

“And it’s not just Brits, by the way, there are other countries’ nationals that are held hostage in jails in Iran as tools of diplomatic leverage.”

12.01pm update: Hunt takes swipe at Ann Widdecombe

Speaking at Tory leadership hustings in Darlington, the Foreign Secretary dismissed comments by the Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe likening Brexit to the emancipation of the slaves.

“Ann Widdecombe is not in the British Government, she is not even in the Conservative Party,” he said.

He added: “I think there has been some terrible rhetoric on the EU side about the United Kingdom which has been the biggest friend to the European Union the whole time we have been in it, which has defended Europe with our armed forces.

“So I think we have to dial down the rhetoric on all sides and come to a sensible way forward that allows us to leave the European Union cleanly and also be the best of friends afterwards.”

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Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson said people arriving in the UK must learn English (Image: GETTY )

11.46am update: Boris vows to make sacrifices 

Asked when he had set aside his own self interest, Mr Johnson said: “It is obviously possible to make more money by not being a full-time politician.

“You have to make sacrifices sometimes and that is the right thing to do.

“Being a full-time politician means that I won’t be able, for instance, to rapidly complete a book on Shakespeare that I have in preparation.”

11.38am update: ‘I never liked austerity’ Boris 

Asked if the age of austerity is over, Mr Johnson said: “I never liked it.

“I remember Dave Cameron saying to me he wanted to have an austerity Olympics and I said ‘no way Dave, no way’.

“That was not the stuff to give the troops. What we wanted was a great Olympics.”

11.25am update: ‘Everyone must learn English’ Boris Johnson 

Speaking in Darlington, he saaid there were “too many” areas in Britain where English was not people’s first language.

He added: “That needs to change.”

Boris said he wants everyone who moves to Britain “to be and to feel British and to learn English. That’s the most important thing.” 

11.16am update: Boris dismisses no deal Brexit warnings

Boris Johnson has dismissed warnings by senior ministers that Parliament will find a way to block a no- deal Brexit as a “red herring”.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, Justice Secretary David Gauke and ex-minister Sam Gyimah have said MPs will not allow Britain to leave the EU without an agreement with Brussels.

Speaking during a Tory leadership hustings in Darlington, Mr Johnson said: “I think this is all a bit of a red herring. We are facing an existential crisis as a party and indeed as a political class.

“It was a clear, clear majority for Leave. Now we are at a state where MPs seem still to be refusing to enact the mandate of the people. That is why our great party is languishing in the polls.

“If we get on and do Brexit we will spike the guns of both the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party who are prospering at our expense because of our failure to get this done.

“I hope that Philip and Sam and all the other friends that you mentioned can see that.”

He added: “The most important thing to do is prepare for a no-deal Brexit really thoroughly’

“We have to get ready, we have to prepare and we have to believe in ourselves.

“We’ve had enough of defeatism and negativity from this government. People are fed up of being told we can’t do x and y.”

11.09am update: Boris says his fishing plans will cement Union 

He told a crowd in Darlington: “Do you think the SNP are really going to go to the people of Brexit and say Scotland is going to join the EU and the euro and we are going to hand back control of Scottish fisheries to Brussels?

“Taking back control of fisheries is absolutely vital. We have to ensure we have productive capital to take control of our fishery resources.

“There is a massive opportunity but it will need some support.”

10.56am update: Boris denies claims spies witheld information from him 

Pressed on claims Prime Minister Theresa May ordered withholding some information from him as foreign secretary, Mr Johnson said: “I am sure that the Prime Minister would not comment on intelligence matters either so I am extremely dubious about the provenance of this story.

“It’s not true and I don’t comment on intelligence matters.”

9.57am update: Hunt pledges to overhaul social care system 

Jeremy Hunt is pledging to set out his plans to overhaul the social care system within 100 days of entering No 10 if he wins the Tory leadership race.

Mr Hunt, a former health secretary, said he regarded reform of the adult social care system as “unfinished business”.

He said he would publish his proposals – including incentives to encourage people to save for their care needs in the way they do for pensions – in a green paper.

His promise came after a House of Lords committee warned it would require £8 billion a year to fix the underfunding in the system.

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Tory leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson has vowed to make Britain “the greatest place on Earth” (Image: EXPRESS)

9.18am update: Hunt attacks HS2 delay 

After arriving in Darlington for Friday’s hustings, Tory leadership candidate Jeremy Hunt referred to the delayed creation of high-speed railway link HS2 as he said it is “time to speed things up and get Britain moving again”.

He tweeted: “Great to arrive in Darlington this morning, site of the first steam railway in 1825. HS2 due to open 201 years later.

“Time to speed things up and get Britain moving again.”

9.02am update: Tories sell £300k dinner with PM before he is even chosen 

Party officials have sold the dinner with the new leader at an exclusive fundraiser on Wednesday to raise the six- figure sum. 

A party source told the Daily Mail: “The next prime minister is being pimped out before they’ve even got the job.”

8.47am update: Hunt pledges to build extra 1.5million more homes 

He said “giving a whole generation a leg up on to the housing ladder” will keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10. 

His masterplan has been dubbed ‘Right to Own’. 


Tory leadership

Tory leadership contender Jeremy Hunt said there is “all to play for” (Image: EXPRESS)

8.35am update: Farage donor gives Boris Johnson campaign boost 

Robin Birley put £20,000 behind Boris’ leadership campaign. 

The Mayfair private members club owner previously donated more than £250,000 to Ukip 

8.27am update: Johnson holds talks with Gove on cabinet role as they bury hatchet

Boris Johnson has secretly met former leadership contenders Michael Gove and Sajid Javid to firm up his plans for cabinet. 

The private meetings are part of Mr Johnson’s plans to fill 109 ministerial roles, according to The Times. 

8.20am update: Boris demands BBC ‘cough up’

The Tory leadership contender told a Tory hustings event in York: “The BBC should be coughing up for the TV licences for the over 75s.

“They were given the money, it was part of the deal.”

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