Tory leadership LIVE: Boris to save Brexit as up to 40 Labour MPs to back plan, team says

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Allies believe he could gather the support of up to 40 Labour MPs after their party officially turned into a Remain-backing movement. The frontrunner in the Tory leadership contest has already started contacting those MPs who feels abandoned by Jeremy Corbyn after the Labour Party announced its new Brexit policy this week. Mr Johnson’s ally said: “This couldn’t have worked out better for us. 

“We have Labour MPs in Leave seats who have been left completely isolated by Corbyn.

“Labour has become the party of Remain.”

Mr Johnson himself revealed he has been approached by Labour MPs willing to work with him to deliver Brexit.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “There are already lots of Labour MPs who are talking to us who are saying they want to help get this over the line.

“They represent seats which are strong Leave seats where their electorates feel very disenchanted with what’s going on in parliament, where — whatever John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn say — they want to knock this through.” 

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tory leadership news latest race boris johnson jeremy hunt odds poll hustings andrew neil

Boris Johnson has begun talks with Labour MPs in Leave areas (Image: GETTY)

The Tory leadership campaign head towards their final days, with just three rounds of hustings remaining.

Today Jeremy Hunt and Mr Johnson will head to Bedforshire in their latest attempt to win round voters.

It is all still to play for, with the majority of votes still not returned, despite earlier predictions claiming most would be sent back last week.

Voting closes at 5pm on July 22 with the new leader announced on July 23.

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11.47am update: Politics has changed since March 29, says Boris Johnson

There is “ample scope” to get a good trade deal from the European Union, Mr Johnson said, but it depends also on the EU and whether they want to have a good trade relationship with the UK. 

In order to get that you need to be ready to leave without a deal. 

Brexit Party MEPs are not being “wholly constructive” and not seem to be fond of the Ode to Joy, Mr Johnson said, speaking of Nigel Farage’s MEPs as one of the main changes that happened in politics since March 29 and one of the reasons why the EU could be willing to renegotiate a deal with the UK. 

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson said there is ‘ample scope’ for the UK to strike a new Brexit deal (Image: SKY NEWS)

11.38am update: Boris Johnson says common sense is starting to prevail over Brexit 

A veteran asks Boris Johnson what he intends to do against rogue MPs not honouring the will of the people. 

Mr Johnson said common sense is starting to prevail because the Tory Party is “staring down the barrel”. 

The party has lost votes because people can sense it hasn’t delivered on the manifesto’s promises. 

Unless we get this over the line, either the Labour Party or the Conservative Party will be ruined. 

Mr Johnson also said “a huge amount” of the no deal Brexit preparations are ready. 

He said that a no deal on the table is necessary because if the EU thinks the UK will “bottle it” again Brussels won’t give Britain the deal it wants.  

However, when asked what he would do if MPs keeps on trying to frustrate his no deal Brexit attempts, Mr Johnson failed to reply. 

11.35am update: Boris Johnson on knife crime 

Boris Johnson said knife crimes must be tackled and it can be done in two steps.

He said gangs are disseminating a culture of crime and drugs around the country and this needs to be stopped. 

But there is also the need of deal with the symptoms of knife crime, police officers need to have to stop and search powers in place. 

Police need to know they have the legal power to do stop and search and politically too. 

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson backs an amnesty for illegal immigrants who have been in the UK for years (Image: SKY NEWS)

11.30am update: Boris Johnson backs amnesty for illegal migrants

Boris Johnson said there are people who failed to register their presence properly, which makes it impossible for them to proper contribute to society. 

He then asked if the UK is willing to simply deport people, which he doesn’t believe is the right thing to do to people who have been living in the UK for 10 years or more, or just regulate their status. 

He then said he told Amber Rudd to consider this when she was Home Secretary. 

Could you do it without creating a pool factor? This is the serious objection to the amnesty. 

He said that you need to first toughen up on the current wave of illegals while being more compassionate to the others who have been here for a long time. 

11.25am update: Boris Johnson speaks about immigration

Boris Johnson spoke about immigration, he said: “It has always been my view that the capital has always prospered thanks to the talent attracted from around the world. 

“But I also think there is an issue of democracy. I can make this case, but what I think that people found troubling was people coming and going without control. 

“We can continue to welcome people with talent but on an Austalian-based system.

“There should be a system which is transparent so that they can come when they are required. 

“People should come on the basis of an existing job offer in the UK. 

“We are a generous coujntry, we are a welcoming country.”

Mr Johnson then spoke about the agricultural sector who relies on workers from Eastern Europe. 

He said farmers should be able to advertise those jobs. 

But he also said the UK hasn’t invested in giving British students skills that other children have abroad. 

11.22am update: Boris Johnson comments the Met Police’s request to the press not to publish more leaks 

Boris Johnson said he is “very perplexed” about the Met Police’s request of not publishing more leaks. 

He said whoever leaked the documents and emails should be prosecuted – not the reporters and papers publishing it. 

These documents are “embarrassing but not a threat to national security” and it’s the media’s job to “publish what is interesting”. 

Forbidding them to do so would mean undermining the freedom of speech and freedom of journalists. 

boris johnson

Boris Johnson during today’s hustings (Image: SKY NEWS)

11.16am: Boris Johnson’s opening statement at the hustings in Wyboston 

Boris Johnson said the UK is a “great country” that can manage a no deal Brexit. 

He then mocks people saying the UK can’t afford a no deal Brexit, saying there will be clean drinking water, there will be Christmas dinners in the supermarket and the Mars bars “our children relies on”. 

He said that, after Brexit is delivered, his Government would work towards reuniting the country just as he did in London. 

To do so, he would level up education funding, improve road infrastructures, put more police officers in the streets and roll out full fibre provision for a better internet coverage. 

10.55am update: Jeremy Hunt ‘defends’ the right of the press to publish leaks regarding the former UK ambassador to the US

Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt wrote on Twitter: “These leaks damaged UK/US relations & cost a loyal ambassador his job so the person responsible MUST be held fully to account.

“But I defend to the hilt the right of the press to publish those leaks if they receive them & judge them to be in the public interest: that is their job.” 

The Foreign Secretary’s comment comes after Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu warned reporters against doing so. 

jeremy hunt

Jeremy Hunt said he defends ‘to the hilt’ journalists’ right to publish leaks (Image: GETTY)

10.35am update: Amber Rudd would serve in a Boris Johnson Cabinet 

The Pensions Secretary said she is still backing Jeremy Hunt in the leadership contest – but is ready to serve as member of the Cabinet in a Boris Johnson Government. 

Amber Rudd told The Times: “If I want to deliver on improving people’s lives then I have got to get on and do that.

“If the party chooses Boris then I will try and make that work.

“What everybody has to do is compromise a bit more.”

tory leadership news latest race boris johnson jeremy hunt odds poll hustings andrew neil

Tory leadership contest: Hustings mapped (Image: EXPRESS)

10.05am update: Jeremy Hunt says he may pay a ‘political price’ for being ‘honest with people’ over Brexit 

Tory leadership hopeful Jeremy Hunt has acknowledged he may “pay a political price” after saying he could not guarantee he would take Britain out of the EU by Christmas during yesterday’s interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil. 

Speaking later at a leadership hustings in Cheltenham, he said: “Maybe I will pay a political price for being honest with people.

“But the reality is that we face a hung Parliament with people – not just in the Labour Party but in our own party – absolutely determined to stop us leaving without a deal.” 

tory leadership news latest race boris johnson jeremy hunt odds poll hustings andrew neil

Jeremy Hunt during yesterday’s interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil (Image: GETTY)

9.35am update: Claim Boris could be backed by up to 40 Labour MPs rubbished by Remainers

Similar to Theresa May, Mr Johnson is expected by his allies to offer Labour MPs in Leave constituencies ready to back his Brexit plan significant investment for their areas.

However, a source in the People’s Vote campaign rubbished the number of Labour MPs Mr Johnson’s allies believe he can win over.

The source for the second referendum campaigners branded 40 a “fantasy number.”

Mr Corbyn communicated this week to Labour members their party’s new Brexit policy, drawn up by five Labour’s affiliated trade unions.

The policy sees the party demanding a second referendum on any deal negotiated by Mrs May’s successor or on a no deal Brexit.

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