Tory leadership: Johnson to deliver 'overwhelming' blow to Remainers in huge Brexit boost

Posted on Jul 21 2019 - 4:19am by admin

Mr Johnson is expected to enter No 10 this week with promises to deliver Brexit by the end of October. So far, the former mayor of London has managed to win over 73 percent of those eligible to vote, according to a survey by The Sun on Sunday. The online survey of Tory members was carried out by ConservativeHome over the last two days before the nationwide ballot closed.

Former Tory MP and editor of ConservativeHome Paul Goodman said: “All the evidence available suggests that Boris Johnson will win overwhelmingly when the result is declared on Tuesday.

“If there is a hidden army of switchers to Jeremy Hunt, it is extremely well concealed.”

Recent figures suggest Mr Johnson’s fanbase has expanded since the beginning of the four-week leadership campaign where he has been pitted against current foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

A source close to Mr Johnson added: “With every passing day it became clear that Boris was the candidate most likely to deliver Brexit on time – and the one much more likely to beat Jeremy Corbyn in a general election.”

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If Mr Johnson manages to win by the reported majority, it will give him a helping hand in securing his Cabinet and demanding EU chiefs to reopen Brexit negotiations.

The new figures are up on previous polls which saw him garner 67 percent at the start of his campaign and 71 percent at the midway point.

A staggering 94 percent of the 1,199 members who responded to the survey said they had already voted for their next leader.

Of the members who had not yet cast their vote, 65 percent said they would vote for Mr Johnson with only 35 percent saying they would vote for 35 percent.

A landslide victory of that magnitude would see Mr Johnson eclipse former Prime Minister David Cameron’s election as Tory leader in 2005.

Mr Cameron scooped 68 percent of the votes compared to David Davis’s 32 percent.

It comes as a giant inflatable blimp of Mr Johnson as a toddler with spiked hair was launched into the London sky as campaigners called for Brexit to be cancelled.

The balloon depicted the former Foreign Secretary with his distinctive flyaway blonde mop of hair and a T-shirt with a picture of the famous Brexit bus with “£350m” scrawled across it.

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