Tory chairman RAGES at Liberal Democrats for making 'dirty deal' to secure Remainer seats

Posted on Aug 5 2019 - 7:54am by admin

James Cleverly told the BBC: “The Lib Dems with their dirty, backroom deal with Plaid and the greens and others, threw the kitchen sink at this and got a narrow win. “And that’s disappointing.” He told the BBC that the Liberal Democrats had only “scraped a win” and that he personally did not “like political backroom deals like that.”

He continued: “But I think it shows even with those kind of antics going on, they scraped a win.

“A win is a win and that is disappointing.

“But we as a Government won’t be distracted from what we’ve committed to, which is to leave the European Union by October 31.”

However, leader of the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson said her party want to change the electoral voting system despite their victory.

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She said: “If the Conservatives or anyone else who has for years been extolling the merits of first past the post, now wants to come to the cause of electoral reform, I tell you the Liberal Democrats are going to be very up for making sure we have a voting system where every vote counts.”

Ms Swinson claimed her party is working with the system that is in place which has led to their victory with a 12 percent swing.

She also mentioned the Liberal Democrats’ “storming victories” in the European elections where her party managed to beat both the Tories and the Labour party.

She added: “This is a sustained pattern of Liberal Democrats winning again, on the up.”

Boris Johnson faced his first electoral defeat which saw the Liberal Democrats securing a 43.5 percent majority.

Jane Dodds defeated Tory incumbent Chris Davies who ran again despite having been ousted as an MP after admitting he had submitted false expenses claims.

The Tories secured just 39 percent of the vote with The Brexit Party coming in third with 10.5 percent of the vote.

Labour suffered a crippling defeat, falling into fourth place, taking just over five percent of the vote.

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