Tony Blair heaps praise on Emmanuel Macron for being just like HIM

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 11:52pm by admin

The one-time Labour Prime Minister famously claimed to pursue political ideas that were seen as a “third way” in British politics – reconciling both right and left-wing policies to create centrist views and policies. 

For Tony Blair this largely meant advocating centre-right economic policies while pursuing centre-left social beliefs.

Now the 64-year-old has given his seal of approval to Mr Macron saying he “corresponds to my convictions”.

Mr Blair said: “He does not come from the traditional right or left.

“He occupies the niche that I call absolute centrism, which corresponds to my convictions.”

Speaking to the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, he added: “Across Europe, there is a reorganisation of the political landscape.

“Left parties and right-wing parties are becoming radicalised, as we can see in France and the United States.

“And then you have, in the centre, a numerically important group but not necessarily organised in political force, which is liberal on the issues of society, pro-enterprise but attached to social justice.”

The French president has already fallen foul of the strong French trade unions with his proposed policies to liberalise labour laws to reduce the country’s unemployment rate of around 9 per cent and boost economic growth a boost.

However, despite the widespread opposition to Mr Macron’s reform plan which has already seen protestors take to the streets of French cities, Mr Blair believes the 39-year-old is “progressing well”.

Mr Blair said: “I know how difficult it is to govern, to go from campaign words to action.

“For now, Emmanuel Macron is progressing well on all fronts. But the hardest part will be the reforms that really matter.

“Even though during my first term, we took some important steps – on the reform of the House of Lords, the peace in Northern Ireland, the rights of homosexuals … – it was only during my second term that we really advanced, because in the meantime, I had learned how to reform.

“When you launch reforms, you know that you are going to face terrible resistance.

“We need to put in place agents of change who will have a profound and lasting impact on society, which is what we did about education.”

Mr Blair’s words may come as cold comfort to the young leader, as while he has only been in power a relatively short time, his popularity has already plummeted just six months since being elected.

A poll published on Tuesday by Odoxa for the French weekly magazine L’Express and radio station France Inter showed 55 per cent of those questioned thought Mr Macron was a “bad president”.

But 45 per cent of respondents expressed satisfaction with the 39-year-old head of state, telling pollsters he was a “good president”, up one percentage point from October. 

The poll of 1,009 French adults took place between November 22-23.

Despite the slight increase in his Odoxa approval rating, the poll confirms a shocking decline for a president who basked in a landslide victory little more than six months ago.

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