Tiny Harris Plays The Ultimate Sassy Mom On ‘Family Time’ In Hilarious Preview

Posted on Sep 30 2017 - 7:25pm by admin

Is there anything Tiny Harris can’t do? The Xscape singer is taking her talents to the small screen in Bounce TV’s comedy, ‘Family Times’! Tiny plays a hysterically overprotective mother and HL has an EXCLUSIVE first look!

Look out world, Tameka “Tiny” Harris is hitting the small screen! The singer, 42, is guest starring on the season premiere of Bounce TV’s original comedy, Family Time on Monday, October 2 at 9 PM, and HL has the first look! In the exclusive clip [above], Tiny plays “Tanesha,” the overprotective mother to “Ebony”’s classmate, “Cornell.” And when she drops Cornell off at Ebony’s for a study date, she won’t leave until she’s done hovering. On her way out, Tanesha embarrassingly lets all of Cornell’s personal facts leak right in front of Ebony, aka his crush!

First, Tanesha warns Cornell not to go on “FaceTune” while studying. Next, she really puts him on blast in front of his crush when she says, “Take a puff of your inhaler if you do trivia, you know how that gets you excited.” Then, as soon as she’s about to walk away, Tanesha comes back she lets Cornell’s peanut allergy slip. “No peanuts in any of your snacks. I don’t want your face to swell up like Will Smith in Hitch.” Lol!

Family Time follows the lives of the Stallworth family, who’s lives change drastically after winning the lottery. The Stallworths —Tony [Omar Gooding], a struggling general contractor and his wife, Lisa [Angell Conwell], are high school sweethearts with two children, Devin [Bentley Kyle Evans, Jr.] and Ebony [Jayla Calhoun] — relocate to the suburbs after hitting it big. Family Time hilarious depicts how the couple, and their mischievous children, will adjust to their new life.

Tony and Lisa go through their usual bickering and they will tackle teenage parenting by meddling in Ebony and Devin’s dating lives, coaching them for the SATs but, most importantly, persuading them to go to college. And, the show will feature some special guests stars including the stunning Tiny Harris, as mentioned above, and Fonzworth Bentley!

Tiny Harris On 'Family Time'

Don’t miss Family Times when it returns to Bounce TV, Mondays, beginning Oct. 2 at 9 PM ET! 

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