Tiffany Trump Flaunts Bare Legs In Very Short Coat & Barron Wears Hipster Tie At Turkey Pardon

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Tiffany Trump braved the chilly weather for the annual White House Thanksgiving turkey pardoning by wearing a very short coat, showing off her long bare legs. We’ve got her saucy look.

It was a family affair for the Trumps during President Donald Trump‘s first official turkey pardoning ceremony. Since he’s proven that tradition means nothing, he held the event on Nov. 21, two days prior to the usual Thanksgiving Day event, and most of his children showed up. Even though it was chilly coat weather in Washington D.C., First Daughter Tiffany Trump, 24, decided to turn heads by baring her long legs in a super short mini-dress and equally short red jacket. While her older sister Ivanka, 36, also wore a short skirt, she added warm black tights to her autumnal look. Tiffany on the other hand went with much more summery bare legs, showing them off from her thigh all the way down to her black high heels. It is November, so her very unseasonal wardrobe choice was a little confusing. She could definitely have used a trip to a spray tan salon if she was going to show so much late-autumn pale leg. See more pics of Tiffany rocking mini-dresses, here.

11-year-old Barron Trump has hardly been seen since he moved into the White House from New York at the end of his school year in May. He made a rare public appearance for the event where he stood by his dad and mom Melania, 47. He looked shy and uncomfortable in the public spotlight, still refusing to crack a smile, but his style was on point. Barron must get his fashion sense from his model mama as he rocked a dark suit and hip navy tie.

The event is usually fun and light-hearted and former President Barack Obama was known for his years of funny puns and cute dad jokes during the pardoning. Since Trump has proven he has zero sense of humor, the ceremony was super creepy as he made an awful reference to how he loves undoing all of the work that Obama did while in office. “As many of you know, I’ve been very active in overturning a number of executive orders by my predecessor. However, I have been informed by the White House’s counsel office that Tater and Tot’s pardons cannot, under any circumstances, be revoked. We’re not going to revoke them. So, Tater and Tot, you can rest easy,” he said referring to the 2016 turkeys that Obama pardoned. Ugh, can we just have ONE day when this guy isn’t being a national embarrassment?

Tiffany And Barron Trump

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