‘This Is Us’: Who Are Randall & Tess Talking About In Finale? — Devastating Fan Theory

Posted on Mar 15 2018 - 11:55pm by admin

It was the plot twist no one saw coming on ‘This Is Us.’ Who is the ‘her’ Randall and Tess are talking about in the future? Get ready, because this fan theory is going in an unexpected direction.

In the final moments of the March 13 finale of This Is Us, the show flashed forward years into the future to an older Randall and adult Tess. “It’s time to go see her, Tess,” Randall says to his eldest daughter. Tess replies, “I’m not ready,” and Randall agrees with her. This cliffhanger left fans in a frenzy. Who are they talking about? The most obvious possibilities are Deja or Beth, but what if they’re talking about Annie? This theory has fans focusing on the youngest daughter of Randall and Beth Pearson.

Reddit user regallymillah noted, “During their ‘worst case scenario’ game, Beth and Randall didn’t even mention her [Annie]. I’m not saying that they forgot her, but maybe they didn’t think that she would be affected by everything that’s happening. And she and Tess have been shown to be close, so if something happened to her, if she did something bad, I’m sure that would affect their relationship to the point of Tess not wanting to see her.”

Fellow fan ShaneKaiGlenn proposed that Annie could be in rehab. “Addiction runs in her family (paternal grandfather) and it seems like they are writing it like she was somewhat neglected growing up, not in an abandoned kind of way, but the parents were so caught up in the other kids that she fell through the cracks.” Whoa. The This Is Us writers love to pull a twist on the plot twist, and Annie being “her” would be absolutely shocking. Beth and Deja almost seem too obvious, right?

Fans have been worried about Beth ever since the first flash forward to older Randall and adult Tess was shown earlier in season 2. People noticed the lack of Beth and got scared. No one even mentioned Annie. If she’s the person Randall and Tess are talking about, you need to get your tear ducts prepared. This Is Us will return for season 3 in fall 2018.

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