‘This Is Us’ Recap: [SPOILER] Reveals She’s Pregnant & Keeping It A Secret

Posted on Oct 18 2017 - 8:05pm by admin

Oh, wow! ‘This Is Us’ ended with a very exciting surprise when we find out that one of our leading ladies is six months pregnant.

Ready for a major spoiler alert? You’ve been warned… because we’re about to tell you that Kate is pregnant! Yes, it was revealed in the final moments of the October 17 episode of This Is Us that Kate is six months pregnant. The shocking reveal actually explained a lot, because Kate was obsessing over her health and fitness throughout the entire episode — so much so that Toby called her out on it. She was working out non-stop, only eating organic, and at one point Toby even suggested they weren’t having as much sex. Hey Toby, that’s cause she has a baby growing inside her!

So, what else happened during this episode? Well, in our flashbacks we learned that “The Big Three” managed to get chicken pox all at once. Kate’s mom thought this was a great opportunity to pop in and help, but it ended up being a disaster. Kate’s mom, as we know from previous episodes, isn’t exactly the nicest lady alive. With everyone, including Jack, sick, Kate eventually loses her patience with her mom and calls her out for overlooking Randall and flat-out accuses her of being a racist. The accusation haunts Kate’s mom, enough for her to desperately try to connect with Randall before leaving. It’s evident the damage is done though.

In present day, Kevin’s knee injury forces him to have surgery — pushing off his dreams of finishing the movie he’s filming. Kate and Toby take him in to care for him while he’s recovering, but when Kevin finds out that he’s been cut from certain parts of the script he starts to push himself more than he should. Along with pushing his recovery comes popping more pain pills, which, unfortunately, seems to be foreshadowing an addiction issue much like his father, Jack, had. Not good.

As for Randall, he’s still having trouble connecting to his and Beth’s foster, Deja. She should be settling into their new home but instead she’s refusing to shower and wash her hair. Randall thinks he can get her to let loose by taking her bowling, one of the family’s exciting past times, but things go awry when Deja gets into an altercation with another girl. At a loss, Randall asks Beth to talk to Deja, which leads the mother of three to start building a connection with their troubled foster. Deja asks Beth to wash and do her hair for her, which is when we find out the young girl has alopecia. What’s more surprising to Beth is that Deja has no idea what it is and is clearly embarrassed, so she does everything she can to let Deja know it’s very common and not something to be worried about. Deja opens up to Beth during this time and Beth, of course, shares everything with Randall. When Deja finds out that Beth did this she immediately feels betrayed. Her response? To cut off all of her hair, including the beautiful braids that Beth did for her. Yikes.

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