Theresa May's FINAL COUNTDOWN: How long until May STANDS DOWN over THIRD Brexit failure?

Posted on Mar 30 2019 - 7:37am by admin

The Prime Minister has suffered a third defeat at the hands of the House of Commons, after returning to the floor with a new Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. MPs on all sides were unconvinced by the proposal, as some 344 people voted against the government. Among them were Tory rebels, with 34 MPs from Theresa May’s party voting against her from within. This is the latest in a chain of defeats for the Prime Minister, who is left hanging by a thread in her position.

How long until Theresa May stands down?

Originally, Theresa May had tied her resignation to the latest Brexit Withdrawal proposal.

She said she would quit if the deal had passed, however now this hasn’t happened her position remains unclear.

The Prime Minister has made no further indications as to whether she will quit or not, and the political landscape is too chaotic to make any concrete calls on what will happen next.

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This hasn’t stopped leading political figures calling for her resignation, however.

European Research Group (ERG) deputy chairman Steve Baker MP is among those calling for the Prime Minister to quit.

He released a statement after today’s vote condemning Mrs May and said it is time for the country to move on.

He said: “This must be the final defeat for Theresa May’s deal.”

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“It’s finished. And we must move on. It has not passed. It will not pass.

“I regret to say it is time for Theresa May to follow through on her words and make way so that a new leader can deliver a withdrawal agreement which will be passed by Parliament.

“This has been a tragic waste of time and energy for the country.

“We can waste no more.”

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Theresa May’s Cabinet and MP allies have reacted against the House of Commons, however, blaming Parliament for casting the country into Brexit uncertainty.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling was particularly damning of the House, saying there are now very few options open to the UK.

He said: “What the House has just done is to vote effectively to leave this country either leaving the EU on April 12 with no deal, reversing Brexit or kicking it into the far long grass.

“I don’t think that’s what the majority in this country wants. We are going to have to think very hard over the next few hours how we respond to that. This is a hugely disappointing response that is absolutely not in the national interest.”

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