Theresa May rallies ROARING Tory backbenchers during passionate PMQ slap down

Posted on Nov 2 2018 - 12:09am by admin

Theresa May delivered a passionate speech when asked about her “commitment to tackling burning injustices” in the UK.

Mrs May was interrupted a number of times by the opposition benches during her reply and Conservative MPs stepped in vocally to back the Prime Minister.

Jeremy Corbyn demanded Mrs May “apologise” for her “broken promise” that she was going to “end austerity” because she has “failed” to do so.

Mrs May replied: “The right honourable gentleman talked about my commitment to tackle bringing injustices.

“Yes, they say from the frontbench opposite, yes indeed.

“Was it Labour that introduced the modern slavery act? No.

“Was it Labour that made sure that people in mental health crisis were not being taken to police cells as a place of safety? No. It was me.

“Was it the Labour Party that introduced the race disparity audit, so for the first time we can see what is happening to people from across communities in this country? No, it was me and this Government.

“And I will tell him what else this Government has done. By taking a balanced approach to the economy, careful financial management, what do we see? Borrowing down, unemployment down, income tax down.”

The Prime Minister was then interrupted by benches opposite forcing the Speaker to step in.

Mrs May continued with the backing of the Conservative benches fully behind her with many MP’s roaring along with her.

She said: “The Labour benches want to know what has gone up and I will tell them what has gone up.”

As she was interrupted again by the Labour benches, Mrs May said: “As long as it takes, I am going to tell you.”

Many MP’s in the chamber could be heard chanting loudly before some Tory MP’s joined Mrs May by shouting “up” as she made her remarks.

Mrs May said: “Support for public services, up. Growth, up. Wages, up.

“Debt is falling, austerity is ending, under the Conservatives, the hard work of the British people is paying off.”

Mrs May was greeted with another huge roar from the Conservative benches as she sat back down after her tirade.

At the Conservative Party conference earlier this month the Prime Minister claimed that austerity was coming to an end.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday revealing the 2018 Budget, Mr Hammond repeated “the era of austerity is finally coming to an end”.

During his speech, the Chancellor promised a “brighter future” for “the strivers, the grafters and the carers”.

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