Theresa May husband: Who is Philip May? What does he do for work?

Posted on Oct 4 2018 - 5:20am by admin

Theresa May is yet to make her speech for the Conservative Party Conference this week.

Mrs May faces major party divisions as she to make her speech tomorrow on the final day of the conference.

The conference has been marred by Brexit this year, following the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan being widely discredited.

At the moment, Theresa May is still outlining her post-Brexit immigration approach.

Who is Philip May?

Philip May is Theresa May’s husband of 38 years, officially known as the spouse of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Originally born in Norwich, Mr May grew up near Liverpool and attended Oxford University, where he met the future Prime Minister.

The pair met at a Conservative Party student disco, introduced by Benazir Bhutto, future Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He also has a history with the Conservatives, having served as chairman for Wimbledon’s branch of the Conservative Party.

To this day, he retains an active investment in the party alongside his wife and has remained a campaigner for the party.

Despite having no official capacity in the Prime Minister’s government, Mr May plays a prominent role in his wife’s life as a husband.

He was particularly helpful to Mrs May when her parents died, and he has been referred to as her “rock”.

Talking on Desert Island Disks in 2017, the Prime Minister said: “He was a real rock for me – he has been all the time we’ve been married, but particularly then, of course, being faced with the loss of both parents within a relatively short space of time.”

What is Philip May’s job?

Despite a clear interest in politics, Mr May has pursued work in the finance sector.

Mr May graduated from Oxford University with a history degree, and after his time with the Wimbledon Conservative Party went on to start his career in finance.

Primary work for Mr May seems to be as a relationship manager, and has been employed by Capital International in the position for the past decade.

His working around major investors initially roused controversy when it was clear Mrs May was to be frontrunner for the position as Prime Minister.

Capital International released a statement ensuring no conflict of interest when Theresa May was announced as Prime Minister.

They said: “His job is to ensure the clients are happy with the service and that we understand their goals.”

Talking to the Guardian, one of his colleagues said the Prime Minister’s husband was a positive presence.

He said: “Around the office, he is a fairly head-down type of guy.

“There is a stereotypical investment manager with a big ego – he’s not like that at all.”

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