Theresa May DEMANDS ‘acceleration’ of Brexit talks as EU negotiations deadline LOOMS

Posted on Jul 1 2018 - 5:40am by admin

Speaking at 5am after a mammoth 10 hours of negotiations at the EU summit, the Prime Minister said she “wants to see” a similar response from other European leaders.

Talking to journalists in Brussels, she said: “On Brexit I have been stressing we want a deal that works for the UK and our European partners and if we work together we can support each others’ prosperity and security.

EU leaders and the UK government were hoping that they would have completely agreed a deal by this November.

“We are going to be publishing our White Paper shortly, and I want to see the negotiations accelerating and intensifying thereafter.


“The future security partnership with the EU will be very important, we currently enjoy a high level of cooperation with member states of the EU in a number of areas on security that are important for our citizens – this is what is at stake.

“I want to see a strong and deep security partnership continuing with our EU partners. We’ll be setting that out in more detail in the White Paper we will publish shortly and I want to show we can accelerate and intensify negotiations – I want to see that from the European Union and the European Commission as well.”

Brexit was one of the issues top of the agenda at the tense EU summit.

The Prime Minister arrived in Brussels wanting to hold back the white paper on the issue until after this week’s meetings.

The key document from the British Government sets out exactly what the UK wants from leaving the EU and is expected to be released next week.

However, the Irish Prime Minister has said that EU leaders are fed up of waiting for Brexit to get going.

Leo Varadkar told Sky News yesterday: ”We actually need to see the white paper from the British government as to what they believe the relationship should be like.

“And it is frustrating two years after the referendum that we still don’t have a white paper from the UK government as to what they think the relationship should look like.

“The EU27, including Ireland, have always said that we’re willing to be flexible if the UK softens its red lines well then we will soften ours as well,” Varadkar added.

There was one attempt to lighten the British mood in Brussels, however, when the Belgian leader handed Theresa May a gift.

Charles Michel handed Theresa May a Belgian football shirt ahead of the countries’ World Cup tie in Russia yesterday.

Mr Michel passed Belgian football scarves around to other leaders present, and one was happily taken by Leo Varadkar, who said he would be cheering on Belgium in the game.

This was the last meeting of EU leaders before another set of Brexit crunch talks: the British Cabinet.

The Prime Minister will whisk her Government off to her Chequers retreat in ten days time.

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