The X Factor's Matt Terry hits back at body-shamers with confident video and message after return to singing show

Posted on Nov 19 2017 - 7:00pm by admin

Matt Terry has had a busy year since X Factor Matt Terry hit back at his body-shamers[Wenn]

The 26 year old’s performance on the show left his fans in awe, however Matt Terry was subjected to some criticism over his appearance – which he responded to on his social media.  

The singer took to his Instagram to share a sassy video and message in which he made it clear that he is not going to let any body-shamers get him down. 

To his 388k followers, Matt shared a clip of himself wearing the same shirt as he wore on his The X Factor appearance, while confidently twirling around before sticking his tongue out at the camera. 

Matt Terry confidently showed off his figure in a video he posted Matt Terry confidently showed off his figure in a video he posted [Matt Terry/ Instagram]

He wrote: “Here we go …. I wondered when something like this would happen. So I woke up this morning after my incredible night back at the show to body shaming. 

“I wanted to do a little post to let my fans know that honestly I’m fine. I love you guys for standing tall and backing me. You are one hell of a fandom.

“Here’s me, this morning with last nights shirt in my pants… As far as my body, I’ve always been built, always been that stone heavier than my friends and brothers but guess what I’m HAPPY. 

The star shared a clip of his X Factor appearance The star shared a clip of his X Factor appearance [Matt Terry/ Instagram]

“I think it’s easy to forget that not everyone is as confident as they’d like to be, not everyone is happy with themselves but do me a favour and LOVE yourself. 

“Everybody deserves to be loved and don’t let negative people stand in your way. Alright ?!

“Sometimes cameras and lighting aren’t your best mates, and everyone is entitled to their opinion but my advice would be choose your words carefully. 

The X Factor: Winner Matt Terry appeared to kiss fellow contestant Freddy Parker in last night's finalMatt won The X Factor last year[ITV]

Matt Terry wins The X Factor:The star is gearing up for the release of his debut album [ITV]

“It doesn’t take much to break a person. Luckily I’m strong and positive and maaaan are there some positives from last night !!!

“The Thing About Love my new single I wrote with some incredible pals jumped up over 60 places on iTunes last night and we are currently at #19. 

“My debut album trouble is currently at #2 for pre-order!! (MENTAL). I was reunited with all my XF family and judges and I had a smashing time !!! 

“Now..HAPPY SUNDAY and I cannot wait for my roast dinner.”

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