The Valleys' Carley Belmonte reveals she saw her dead mum's ghost appear in Snapchat photo – complete with bunny ears filter

Posted on Oct 28 2017 - 8:54am by admin
Carley BelmonteThe Valleys’ Carley Belmonte previously lost her mum [Carley Belmonte/Instagram]

The Valleys star, who previously lost her mum, opened up about seeing her spirit, and revealed the sight had given her comfort.

Taking to Instagram, the blonde beauty shared three photos of herself from Snapchat, complete with bunny ears.

Alongside the snaps, she told her 120k followers: “I wasn’t going to share this because it’s a difficult subject for me, and I am private with this sort of stuff.

Carley BelmonteCarley Belmonte saw her mum’s ghost in this snap [Carley Belmonte/Instagram]

“However; after first freaking out I can now honestly say that I’ve found so much comfort in this and my heart is filled with love and warmth.

“Today I had my hair cut and after I decided to curl it in practise for sat and send it to my hairdresser so show her, so I open snapchat as you do and use the first filter as I was make up free and feeling pale… and this is what happened. 

“I took two photos. In the exact same spot, with the same filter about 4 seconds apart but in the first photo behind me is my mum! 

Carley BelmonteCarley Belmonte’s mum made an appearance in her Snapchat [Carley Belmonte/Instagram]

“For those who know she has passed yes I am claiming it is her spirit take a close look she looks see thru, spirit alike, she’s black and white apart from her eyes… 

“My mum had one brown eye, one green .. and that’s exactly what you see in the picture.”

The MTV beauty continued: “I had always felt her presence, but now I can live my life knowing not only is she watching over me but she is always right beside me (LITERALLY).

Carley BelmonteCarley Belmonte opened up about seeing the spirit [Carley Belmonte/Instagram]

“So when people tell you they will always be with you, they will and ARE. Unbelievable!”

And fans rushed to comment on Carley’s upload, with many confirming they had seen the spirit as well.

“Very clear pic of her. Amazing. Loved ones are around us x,” one said.

Carley BelmonteCarley Belmonte’s fans rushed to support her [Carley Belmonte/Instagram]

“Omg Carl this had given my goose bumps. Amazing,” another replied.

“Oh my god!!! This has given me a chill all over my body xxx,” a third posted.

While a fourth added: “This is unbelievable! It has gave me chills but how much comfort that must give you, really is incredible! Xx.”

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