‘The Resident’ Recap: Conrad Tries To Diagnose A VIP Jane Doe Before Her Rich Parents Interfere

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A Jane Doe shows up at Chastain, and Conrad tries his best to diagnose the seemingly homeless woman on ‘The Resident.’ But once they find out she’s part of a wealthy family, things get complicated.

A homeless woman crashes a black tie fundraiser at Chastain complaining about something being in her ears that needs to be taken out. Dr. Conrad Hawkins rushes to her side, along with Dr. Mina Okafor, Nurse Nic Nevin, and Dr. Bell. She collapses onto the ground, and Dr. Bell calls for her to be taken to the emergency room. Once being examined, Nic tries to find an ID in her bag, and can’t. Meanwhile, another man is wheeled by saying that he can’t see. He has shards of glass in his pupil, and another doctor tends to him. Here’s what you need to know about episode eight of The Resident:

Nic finds something on the woman’s back and asks if she came from another hospital. Nic says she knows exactly which EKG lead the woman’s came from and claims they’ve done it before. She’s sure the patient was dropped off at Chastain by the other hospital and didn’t escape it on her own.

Conrad tells Dr. Bell and Dr. Hunter that they’re running more tests on the Jane Doe, but they aren’t happy with a homeless woman being admitted since she wouldn’t be able to afford the cost. They suggest giving her the bare minimum of treatment before letting her go. Nic tells them that Atlanta General is the one who had her originally, and Dr. Bell suggests calling them up to pick up their patient.

The patient is drowning in her own blood, so Conrad unblocks an airway to her lung. But he realizes his efforts will only temporarily fix the problem and sends for Okafor to perform a bronchoscopy right away. After the procedure, Okafor notices that the patient has a purse worth nearly $ 150K and checks the lining for an inscription. She finds that the bag belongs to someone named Sara Ravenscroft, and Conrad looks the name up on Instagram. He then realizes that his patient is Sara Ravenscroft, who comes from a very wealthy family.

Nic calls her mother, Veronica, who says her daughter has paranoid schizophrenia. She offers to cover all of her expenses, and says she hasn’t seen her since she stopped taking her medication at home. Nic argues that the doctors don’t believe she’s mentally ill, but Veronica won’t hear it. She pleads with the nurse to get her daughter onto the antipsychotic medication she needs before hanging up.

Sara gets transferred up to the VIP floor. Bell tells off Atlanta General for dropping off the patient thinking she was homeless, but keeps her at Chastain without admitting who she is. Her parents later show up with their personal doctor, ready to pick up their daughter and put her on the treatment they want her to take. Bell agrees to continue trying to figure out what’s wrong with her with the little time that they have, but says he has to discharge her the second her parents ask her to since she can’t speak for herself at the moment.

Nic realizes there’s blood in Sara’s urine. After putting together all of her symptoms, Conrad and Nic check for skin lesions and find one on the top of her head. They do another test and find out she has Wegener’s, which is a condition that attacks blood vessels in organs. They realize it’s started to attack her brain, which explains her psychosis. The Ravenscrofts’ personal doctor confirms the diagnosis to them. Sara’s mother is distraught over the initial misdiagnosis after realizing her daughter could have died if she had been committed instead of receiving proper treatment.

The next morning, Sara wakes up and recognizes her father. She then freaks out from the sight of her parents thinking they’re going to send her to a psychiatric ward. Conrad and Nic come in and confirm to her that she’s not mentally ill. She cries when she realizes she’s going to be ok. She thanks the two medical workers who leave her to reconnect with her family.

Devon Pravesh is eating dinner with his fiancée Priya and his parents. They’re disagreeing on how to handle the wedding, until Devon gets paged into the hospital because it’s understaffed. When Devon arrives at the hospital, he’s assigned to work with Irving on the glass patient, who admitted that he ran through a glass door because he was trying to get away from a client’s husband. He also reveals that he’s a male escort.

Devon’s parents drive over to the hospital to say goodbye before their morning flight. Devon’s upset that they didn’t call first, and explains that he doesn’t have time to see them. He finally decides they can sit in the waiting room, and then leaves them to tend to his patients. But instead of going to the designated spot, his parents hit up the fancy buffet at the fundraiser that’s currently happening at Chastain. A great choice, TBH.

The male escort keeps trying to get through to Devon, asking him questions about his family, his fiancée’s family, and the caste system that’s prevalent in Indian culture. Devon continues to brush him off, but his patient finally gets through to him when he hits a nerve and the resident feels the need to defend his parents. Something clicks in him, and he goes off to find his mom and dad, having realized how dismissive he’s been to his parents’ feelings. He apologizes to them and admits he’s afraid they won’t get along with his fiancée’s family. But he concedes that he thinks they all should meet, and his mom tells him she’d love that. Hopefully we’ll see how that works out soon!

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