‘The Originals’ Final Season Trailer: The Mikaelsons Come Together One Last Time

Posted on Mar 26 2018 - 6:04pm by admin

They were the first, but will they be the last? A short trailer for ‘The Originals’ final season has dropped, and it proves nothing can keep the Mikaelson siblings apart for long.

Despite a cliffhanger ending when The Originals were forced apart at the end of season four, it looks like they are back together once again when the fifth and final season premieres on April 20. In this first trailer for the end of The Originals, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) reunites his family, including his beloved brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies). We also get to see what teenage Hope Mikaelson looks like, thanks to our first look at actress Danielle Rose Russell in the role! The only person missing? Caroline Forbes (Candace King) who is confirmed to crossover now that The Vampire Diaries has ended. Bummer! Watch the trailer above, via TV Line‘s EXCLUSIVE premiere.

What else does this quickie 30-second trailer tell us? That Elijah is in serious danger. In one clip we watch him steaming as he burns up in the daylight, while another shows Elijah covered in blood and screaming up into the air. It also looks like Elijah’s love, Hayley, has her eyes on someone new — another reason why the original vampire may finally be ready to die. The good news? Whatever the Mikaelsons are facing that brought them back together despite how it would put Hope’s life back in danger, they have Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) on their side.

The Originals is set to premiere it’s final season on April 20. Stay tuned to HollywoodLife for all of the latest on the series as it’ takes one last bow!

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