The Miz Will Never Do ‘The Challenge’ Again: The Drama Is ‘A Head Rush’

Posted on Nov 19 2017 - 8:21am by admin

Sorry, ‘The Challenge’ fans, but The Miz is officially down for the count. In a new interview with HollywoodLife, the pro-wrestler explained his decision to leave being a contestant on ‘The Challenge’ behind.

The Miz, 37, won’t be returning to MTV’s The Challenge any time soon — at least as a contestant, that is. “I’m hosting ‘Champs vs. Stars’ and you know what? That is the number one question I have been asked while I have been doing the promotion for ‘Champs vs. Stars,’” he told HollywoodLife. “I tell everyone this, when I did ‘Inferno 2’ I told everyone that it would be the last one I would ever compete in and it was.” But why, Miz? “It’s not that I don’t love it,” he said. “I enjoyed it so much — the competition, the people there — but the drama is a head rush.”

“It is a strategic game and it is a sport and you have to train for this sport,” The Miz continued. “People are like, ‘Oh, whatever it is The Challenge,’ but no — you physically and mentally have to prepare to go into this game!” He also explained that a lot of people sit at home watching The Challenge claiming they can “do” what the contestants on the show are doing. “Now we are giving people chances,” The Miz said. “Those people that say they can do it, step up to the plate!” Hmm, that sure sounds like a challenge to us! We’re sad to hear that The Miz has put his competing antics to the side to referee the fun of The Challenge, but we do hope we’ll see him again very soon!

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