The decay in Infracstructures in Rumuolumeni town

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brief history.
The Rumuolumeni individuals are of the Ikwerre extraction. they are found in existing ObioAkpor native executive house of Rivers state, they’re stricken on the Western flank through the Ogbakiris and Kalabaris, Southern flank by using UST/Agip Eagle Island creek while on the North and jap axis with the aid of their Ikwerre kinsmen. they’re mainly farmers while few of them are into fishing. The elites and trained amongst them work in one of the vital numerous companies that operate inside and outdoors the community. there are many villages that make up this neighborhood-Nkpor, Ngbodonha, Azumini, Iwofe, Mgboshimini and so forth all which have been subsumed into one community on account of urbanisation and industrialisation. All these Rumuolumeni hamlets, communities and villages are below one paramount ruler that goes by way of the tile “NYEWELEA” who has other smaller chiefs that report to him on considerations in all the villages/satellite towns that make up the town and the indigenous language is “IKWERRE”.

it is now an industrial hub in (2d to Trans-Amadi industrial layout) Port-Harcourt indubitably as a result of its place and condition-relative peace, hospitality of its folks, availability of land house, proximity to the sea via its numerous and pure water channels/creeks, significant region and high quality/unusual characteristics that make it stand out. This has made it to be host to a few industrial giants within the oil and fuel, agro allied, education, militia and so forth. firms and establishments doing companies there are however now not limited to the following; Saipem, Aveon offshore, Grinaker, Eagle cement, grasp energy, Modant marine, Nigerian Navy [NNS PATHFINDER], Ignatius Ajuri university of schooling and many others.

get entry to to this neighborhood is thru the following roads; Wimpey/Iwofe road, Chinda /Douglas road via mile four, Elepranwa street, Ogbogoro/St John’s highway. It can be accessed during the a large number of creeks round it; from the Agip/Eagle island UST creak, the Kalabari and Ogbakri creeks etc. there has been plans via this current administration of Rotimi Amaechi to build a dual carriage superhighway from UTC junction in order to pass thru mile two timber/Elabuchi road, Eagle Island , with a bridge on the Agip Mgboshimini creek, Aker street to St John passing throughout the back of Ogbogoro slaughter, adjoining to NTA and linking the Obiri-Ikwerre interchange to the new and abandoned airport highway. There used to be also plan to dualise the Wimpey, Rumuolumeni, Iwofe highway with a bridge to Ogbakiri. there’s also a plan by way of the current administration to build the trans Kalahari road to Bakana, Tombia and other Kalabari communities within.

With all of the aforementioned, one shall be beneath the elution that the most common government presence would be felt on this neighborhood. The revers is the case. there is just only one manageable and motor-able street into this group- the Chinda/Duglas street mile 4 link highway. almost all financial and other activities to and from is thru this tiny stretch of highway. This street used to be built with the aid of the state government, however was once not achieved and properly accomplished. Some portions of the street are giving method due to an excessive amount of load which the street was now not designed to deal with.the one street that the federal government is resurfacing for now could be the Wimpey, Rumuolumeni, Egboshimi Iwofe street, however at a snail’s pace by way of the contractor MCC. the entire different roads that the government started had been abandoned-Elepranwa road and the Ogbogoro/St John’s road base on political reason. Even the renovation and rebranding of schools with the aid of the state govt was now not extended to any of the general public faculties right here.

At any given forum the governor will likely be quick to point out that the entire highway projects were given to indigenes contractors from the neighborhood -Chief Nyoson Wike and other people in the community. The state government’s acclaimed excellent governance workforce project appears to be a mere propaganda and has yet to indict any erring contractor or firm who have failed to deliver on their contractual phrases. To enhance the socio-financial and industrial development of the u . s . a ., the government should train the political will to put in place an ample, robust, and vibrant institutional and legal framework that addresses the issue of unhealthy governance, infrastructural decay and susceptible implementation and enforcement of tactics. the government have to be proactive in its dealings and imagine the hobby of the electorate as first precedence via providing them with the crucial general infrastructures and facilities that would better their lives

And from time to time the Governor will blame his inefficiencies on the federal government. the following are pertinent questions that want answers; are any of the aforementioned roads federal roads ?. If they’re, is it a unlawful to have state roads and federal roads collectively in a place?. what happened to different communities within the state that construction is ongoing, does that imply the indigenes of Rumuolumeni hate everything in regards to the community with passion?, why can’t the government prosecute these those that embezzled contract mobilisation?. the answer is political difference. When the going was once just right between the governor and his fellow crooks we didn’t hear anything else, why is the governor telling us now, because their relationship has long gone sour. The Governor wants to give an explanation for to the individuals residing and doing companies here why this level of forget, hatred abandonment from his administration.

Does that imply this community isn’t part of Rivers State, people doing businesses here are usually not paying taxes as at when due to the government?, maybe the folks right here didn’t vote for him [so its payback time now using abandonment tool]. Even in our more than a few properties no longer all our children will like us, however as oldsters we still have that compulsory duty to point out like to all our kids irrespective of their difference in notion.

 So Mr Governor you owe this neighborhood that civil and plain responsibility to extend dividend of democracy the way in which you’ve been doing to other communities within the state irrespective of your political difference with the Nyeson Wikes and others from this group. there may be an axion that says “when two Elephant fight it is the grass that suffers”, in this case the plenty of this group are those struggling.

There was once a tripartite settlement involving the neighborhood, the state executive and companies running within the house to resurface one of the crucial link roads as one of the crucial cooperate social duties that the businesses owe host group. This agreement used to be the results of widely wide-spread force and constant down time meted to the businesses by way of the youths.

The few resurfaced road are nothing to write residence about and won’t withstand the following raining season, some have began giving manner due to terrible high quality of work. the only exception is the element being executed through AVEON offshore from city hall to Douglas link street junction. that is the purpose that the interventionist company- NDDC is meant to come back , however theirs is the worst. There presence is sparingly felt because they are going to just pour chippings on the highway and use black adhesive to stick the chippings on the road. Their roads do not final greater than some days,

At this point its crucial that the entire abandoned tasks particularly roads are revisited e.g. the dual carriage superhighway from UTC junction with a purpose to go thru mile two trees/Elabuchi, Eagle Island , with a bridge on the Agip Mgboshimini creek, Aker highway to St John passing in the back of Ogbogoro slaughter, adjoining to NTA and linking the Obiri-Ikwerre interchange to the new and abandoned airport street.

the commercial and other significance of this highway can’t be overemphasised. This highway when constructed will make the trip shorter for folk going to the airport and beyond from the city/outdated GRA, Diobu, Dline, Rumuolumeni and others around here. it is going to also decongest the opposite roads that lead to airport and past. it’s going to also put a stop to frequencies in boat mishaps on the Agip/Mgboshimini water means.

The Wimpey, Rumuolumeni, Egboshimi Iwofe street with a bridge to Ogbakiri. the need decongest very much the Uniport/Choba part of the East west street as well as the NTA/Mgboba road. it’ll also serve as a shorter bypass into Emohua, hence people living around Emohua, Ogbakiri and their environs can easily be coming to work in Port-Harcourt on a regular basis from these location[s] at less expensive and faster charge. it’s going to also take building to those places and decongest Port-Harcourt.

A journey by means of boat to Bakana and Tombia and the opposite Kalabari communities round takes ten minutes and fifteen minutes respectively, the trans Kalahari highway to Bakana, Tombia and other Kalabari communities within will make this experience safer, shorter, quicker, less expensive extra pleasing. This street will even decongest Port-harcourt, bring building to all these communities.

The above mention road will function agent of construction to these communities, decongest Port-Harcourt, carry Port-harcourt closer to those places. it’ll also help the federal government on its force to achieve its dream of greater Port-Harcourt, as a result of it will join numerous the riverine communities hitherto far as a result of lack of connecting bridges. one of the most major things the federal government desires to beat is the phobia for development of bridges. If the government can overcome this, a lot of the riverine communities can be related to town centre-Port-harcourt in no far away time and a number of individuals will naturally operate from their communities.

by way of Mr Rivers.
A conserved citizen.

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