“The Castigator”: Here's how impressive viral 'Nollywood fight scene' was created

Posted on Jun 7 2018 - 3:30am by admin

An action scene from a web series titled “The Castigator” has got people talking online. Since the clip surfaced on Twitter, it has been watched over 500 thousand times, has 31 thousand likes, and 15 thousand retweets.

The viral clip is a scene from the web series about a fictional superhero neighborhood vigilante who has dedicated his life to fighting crime and saving lives.

In the fight scene that unfolds in mostly slow motion, the superhero arrives at a hideout where two robbers have their loot. What follows is a choreography of blows rarely seen in a Nollywood film.


The series is directed and edited by Spotlyt, an OAP who works with Cool FM Kano.

“I’m a very creative person who looked at the industry and figured, ‘oh! everyone is doing almost the same thing. So I thought, how about we put some action out there, and boom that was it,” he tells Pulse.

So he decided to start off something with some of his friends who were also professional dancers, and with some practice, they were ready to create something worth putting out for public consumption.


To perfect the routine, they trained three hours per day for three weeks. There were swollen shoulders and broken ankles, but those weren’t the only difficulty they had, and still have to deal with.

“The major challenge is having to do everything: play Castigator, director, editor and financer. Take for instance, every time the camera guy doesn’t get a shot,  we stop shooting and then I have to show him what angles to take, and then run back to the fight scene.”

“The other major challenge is budget. It was personally funded. Now, imagine if it was a sponsored project.”


Currently in its second episode, the series, especially the viral clip of Castigator fighting two robbers  near a building under construction, has been praised as the best Nollywood fight scene ever.

However, Spotlyt doesn’t consider “The Castigator” a Nollywood project.

“It’s a short film in series. To be frank I have never worked with anyone from Nollywood, so I can say I’m not even part of the industry yet.”


A musician and professional music video editor, Spotlyt describes himself as a creative who is passionate about doing new unusual things, and getting better at it.

Promising to work on more, he acknowledges his co-host, Daisy Olowu, who helped him create the idea.

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